27 Week Pregnancy Update

27 Week Pregnancy Update
As I write this I am 28 weeks and 1 day into my pregnancy journey and only have 83 days to go. Madness.
I’ve had a week off work which has been quite the revelation. I’ve been lying in, taking my time and chilling out a lot. This has had such a positive effect on me, I haven’t been sick once, I’ve not felt tired, my joints haven’t been hurting anywhere near as much, it really has been great! As a result of this I now want to start my maternity leave earlier but must resist, when I go back tomorrow there are only two months left so it isn’t too long and I’d prefer to have more time off afterwards. 
I had a stomach bug last week which really wasn’t very nice and left me not eating properly for a couple of days, to be honest my appetite hasn’t been the same since but I’m hoping that once I get back into my routine with work I’ll feel more hungry again. As a result of this bug I lost three pound bringing my total weight change so far to minus four pounds.
We celebrated our two year Wedding Anniversary in style with afternoon tea at The Angel Hotel, blog post to follow.
I mentioned last week that I quite fancied getting my hair cut into a bob, so I did. I feel nice and light after having all that hair chopped off. This is the first time in about two years that I haven’t had ombre hair.
Another anniversary outing was to go and see The Lion King in Wales Millennium Centre, one of my favourite buildings. I must be the only person who didn’t enjoy the show that much, everyone seems to rave about it but to be honest I found it a little boring. Maybe it’s due to the pregnancy making me restless. I did enjoy my Nando’s afterwards. 
We have made a start on our photo wall. I need to get quite a few more photos printed and added and also plan to add even more over the years, especially with baby on the way.
IKEA trip, I’ve gone off a lot of meat including the meatballs, this salmon was a very tasty alternative Christmas cake by post – more details soon M&S festive food breakfast buffet Chippy lunch.
Kitty kept me company while I was suffering with my stomach bug Kitty & Bob giving me the ‘please’ eyes because they wanted my food Kitty likes to sit on my big warm belly She also likes to sleep on our heads when we have family lie ins.
My bump at 27 + 5 Upcycling cupboard doors to fit in to my work in progress nautical bathroom theme wasn’t sure what to do with my hair one day, one of the results of having it all cut off I’ve done a lot of on-line shopping this past week.

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