Event : Curry’s and Nespresso Coffee Workshop at Waterloo Tea

Event : Curry’s and Nespresso Coffee Workshop at Waterloo Tea
On Sunday I was invited along to Waterloo Tea, Cardiff for a very interesting coffee workshop with Currys and Nespresso. There were a lot of bloggers, possibly more than I have ever seen in one room which was a little overwhelming at first but everyone was friendly which put me at ease.
We were split into groups and then sent off around the various stations in turn. The first stop for my group was the cocktail station, usually my idea of heaven but during pregnancy my idea of torture! We were shown how to make an orange coffee Martini style cocktail followed by a Toblerone cocktail, both sounded delicious, we were then shown a raspberry coffee mocktail which I got to try, it was actually very yummy. Emily and Charli both stepped up and made their own cocktails. 
Next up was the ‘playstation’ where we got to play with the Nespresso machines and ask the experts questions. I decided that I need one of the Nespresso milk frothers, apparently it makes amazing hot chocolate, and, of course milky coffees.
At this point I was absolutely starving so my day was made when we were told that we would be going for lunch next. The food provided was absolutely delicious, so much so I had to go up for seconds.
Lunch was followed by ‘cupping’ which I’ll be honest, got quite a few giggles from us. It turns out that we were all wrong and cupping is not an innuendo for anything, it is actually the term for coffee tasting. We basically played a game where we had to call out the flavours in the coffee, I was pretty useless at this and didn’t call out much other than coffee.
Then came my favourite part of the day, latte art. This is the part of the event that I was very excited for, all along stating that I wanted to attempt to make a cat in my latte. The training that we received was how to make a heart, my heart went very, very wrong and I somehow managed to use a wooden stirrer to turn it into a cat that I was, and still am, extremely proud of. I may have cheated a little but who cares when it looks this good!
After all that coffee and all that food there came cake. I was so full but couldn’t resist a slice of the chocolate cake with espresso and caramel. Oh my it was good, so moist and so yummy!
Thank you Joe Blogs, Currys, Nespresso and Waterloo Tea for a fantastic day. For more details and photos you can read Currys blog post here.

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  1. November 22, 2014 / 8:28 pm

    I didn't get to see you properly on the day! Glad you had fun, not going to rub it in about the truly delicious cocktails. That cat is frickin awesome! Xx

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