29 Week Pregnancy Update

29 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 30 weeks + 1 day into my journey and only have 69 days / 10 weeks to go! 
I haven’t had much in the way of symptoms this past week, I’m now wearing dresses to work instead of trousers and a top and I really think that this has made a big difference to me. I feel so much more comfortable than when I did wearing trousers, I’m not sure if this is why I haven’t been sick or if this is just a coincidence! 
My joints are aching again a bit which makes me think that it is definitely linked to the weather as it is now damp and miserable. 
I stayed the same weight wise when I weighed on Monday which means my total weight change is still -1lb. The Christmas chocolates and biscuits started coming in to work this past week so I have a feeling that the ‘pregnancy weight’ is going to creep on now! I actually still fit into my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans which I am super pleased about, I don’t even have to use a bobble to extend the button hole! They aren’t the most comfortable though so I have just placed an order with New Look for some under the bump maternity jeans which I hope will be more comfortable. 
My bum is still hurting from my fall down the stairs, as soon as it starts feeling a little better I do something that seems to trigger it off again, for example I’ve discovered that walking up a lot of stairs  makes it really bad. Thankfully my arm has recovered from my whooping cough jab.  
Our little pudding at 29 weeks + 6 days Spencer and I on Christmas Jumper Day, mine is an XL men’s one as the women’s jumpers won’t go over my bump! 
I am so pleased with my scan bauble, I’ll do a proper post about this soon Finally got my hands on a Nutella & Go which was delicious cracked open a box of Ferrero Rocher last night, my faves.
Felt a little crafty this morning and made this Christmas tree for my colleague (she has loads of decorations on her windowsill and I promised her I would make something to go there), this was made using bits from last year’s Crafty Creatives Christmas box. I also made this floral crown which took about five minutes! Tutorial coming soon. 
We had cooked dinners delivered to the door from a local cafe earlier, so tasty and so much food! It only cost £12.50 for the two including delivery. I can see this becoming a regular thing.

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