31 Week Pregnancy Update

31 Week Pregnancy Update
Today I am 32 weeks + 2 days pregnant and have 54 days to go.
The sickness is still around occasionally, but not a lot, just once or twice a week.
The need to wee is now becoming a more constant thing, it is almost like having a water infection. I often think that I’m going to burst if I don’t go to the toilet, when I do go a trickle comes out! Quite annoying but to be expected at this stage. I’m getting up once most nights now which I guess could be a lot worse.
I think that I have restless foot syndrome. The NHS website tells me that one in five women suffer with this during pregnancy, I think I’m one of those sufferers. I’m really struggling now to get off to sleep, I constantly feel the need to move my legs about, and sometimes my arms. The more I move my legs the hotter my feet become and then the more I want to move to try and cool them down, it is a very nasty circle! I’m going to dig my hot water bottle out and fill that with cold water and ice which will hopefully help with the hot feet. As for the movements in my legs and arms I will just have to put up with this, it tends to strike when I’m tired and trying to go to sleep.
Thrush is also becoming a constant symptom. I’ve had it once or twice during the pregnancy previously but now I seem to be applying cream most days. I went to the Doctor when I first had it as my chemist refused to give me anything due to being pregnant, he just prescribed me cream which is what I am using now. Sorry if TMI but I want to cover everything on here to help other’s know what to expect! 
I gained another pound last week which means that I am now 1lb heavier than when I first fell pregnant. 
My bump at 31 weeks + 3 days and 31 weeks + 4 days.
I got a selfie stick for Christmas. I’ve seen a lot of people hating on these but I think they’re fab. My sister & her partner bought it for me with the fact that I am shortly having a baby in mind, my sister thought it would be great to capture shots of our little family.
My works Christmas party was on 23 December, we had a Soap Awards theme and a great time was had by all.
Food has included a Chinese takeaway, Christmas dinner at my mam’s, Boxing Day buffet, hot chocolate with frothed milk from my new milk frother.
Christmas time selfie unusually nice weather for Christmas day waiting for my Christmas dinner I won £10 on a scratch card my auntie gave me for Christmas.
My Boxing Day buffet in all it’s glory.
Still so happy with my teacups and saucers from Spencer for Christmas. He also bought me this teapot which I took up to him and his brother when they were decorating the nursery the other day.


  1. December 29, 2014 / 10:28 pm

    Aw it is so lovely to see your bump growing, it really suits you x

  2. December 30, 2014 / 1:48 pm

    Aww lovely bump photos! 🙂 not long now 🙂 I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I'm getting up about 5/6 times a night for a wee at the minute haha! xx

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