Pregnancy Appointment : 28 Week Midwife Appointment & Gestational Diabetes Testing

Pregnancy Appointment : 28 Week Midwife Appointment & Gestational Diabetes Testing
I had a busy week planned last week what with my diabetes testing on Monday, Midwife appointment on Wednesday and Whooping Cough jab on Thursday. Thankfully while I was at the Hospital for my diabetes test on Monday they saw me for my 28 week check up which meant that I could cancel Wednesday’s appointment.
I forgot to take my notes with me and had several people telling me off about this (I think it was three in total), some were really hard on me about it saying that I need to take them absolutely everywhere as if I have an accident and have to go to Hospital I need my notes. I explained that my bag broke and I didn’t have one big enough to fit them in, I would buy one on the weekend, this excuse didn’t wash! I live just by the Hospital so I rang Spencer who was still in bed to bring them over before anyone else could tell me off! 
Gestational Diabetes Test.

I had to have this test as both of my parents are diabetic, as far as I am aware not everyone has it, just if there is diabetes in your family. My appointment was at 8am though it was delayed as there had been a bad accident and a lot of the staff were stuck in traffic. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything after 10pm the evening before and was only allowed to drink plain water. I didn’t take my vitamin and reflux tablets in the morning just in case, the hospital confirmed that this was the right thing to do. It pained me a lot to leave the house on 1st December without eating my advent calendar chocolate! 
The first stage of this appointment is having blood taken and then drinking a sugary, orange flavour drink followed by a glass of water, a lot of people told me that the drink is disgusting but to me it tasted like too strong orange squash, while it wasn’t nice it was fine to drink. You then have to sit in the waiting room for two hours before having a second lot of blood taken, you aren’t allowed to eat anything during this time. My letter said one hour in between tests and a maximum of two hours for the total appointment, this was wrong, the total appointment was more like three hours. Thankfully the wait wasn’t too bad, the midwives kept coming in and chatting, one in particular kept offering to dance for me! There were also other people waiting to be seen who were friendly and chatty. 
I was told that I would receive the results in the post but as I had an unexpected visit to the Hospital on Monday evening following my tumble down the stairs I was given my results then, thankfully I don’t have Gestational Diabetes.
28 Week Midwife Appointment.
I was told that they would perform my 28 week check up during the two hour wait but for some reason this check up was done after the second lot of bloods were taken! Despite my midwife being there I saw another midwife. Part of the 28 week check is to take your bloods, this was done while they were taking the blood for the diabetes test.
As I didn’t know I was going to have my midwife appointment I didn’t take a urine sample with me (you need to take a sample to every appointment), I was given a pot and asked to do a sample, that was tested there and then and came back clear. They gave me the pot back to re-use but thankfully they emptied my pee out of it this time! My blood pressure was also fine again.
My bump was measured with a tape measure and a new growth chart printed due to the first one having the incorrect due date recorded on it. Baby is measuring at 28cm which is normal, just the large side of normal, apparently this is nothing to worry about but I can’t help but cringe a little at the thought of having a large baby. The doppler came out and I got to hear baby’s heart beating away at 138 bpm.
I enquired about the dental exemption form as when I was seen at the Doctors I was told to ask for it at County Hospital, which is where I was. It turns out they don’t have them there either, I have to ring and apply for one and they can take ages to come through. I was told that most Dentist’s will simply accept my notes and to call mine and ask them if they will before wasting time getting a form. I haven’t rung them yet as I have serious baby brain and forget to do things like that! 
I was told to book another appointment for two weeks time when I will be 30 weeks.

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