Pregnancy Appointment : 38 Week Midwife Appointment

Pregnancy Appointment : 38 Week Midwife Appointment
This was another routine appointment in which my Midwife checked urine, blood pressure, measured bump, listened to baby’s heartbeat with a doppler and checked if my feet or fingers were overly swollen and that I am feeling regular movements.
All of my checks were fine apart from urine, this time I had traces of sugar in it. As it is the first time through my whole pregnancy that I have had this MW wasn’t too concerned, but will be keeping a close eye on this. I did mention that my appetite for chocolate has come back and she said that this could be why.
Based on the measurements of my bump baby is measuring 35cms and weighing 6.8lbs.
Baby is now 3/5ths engaged, which will be why I’ve been experiencing pulling pains in my pelvis, it is simply where baby is pushing down and my muscles are having to stretch to make room.
I have another appointment for two weeks time.

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  1. 12th February 2015 / 4:56 pm

    Lots of luck Leanne. I'll be looking out for your announcement when little one is here.

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