Pregnancy Appointment : 40 Week Midwife Appointment

Pregnancy Appointment : 40 Week Midwife Appointment
I had my 40 week check up yesterday, my appointments always fall shortly before the date that they are checking on as my surgery only do midwife appointments on a Wednesday, as a result at my 40 week appointment I was actually 39 weeks + 4 days.
My Midwife checked my urine, blood pressure, measured my bump and listened to babies heartbeat with a doppler. 
All of the checks were fine, thankfully this time I didn’t have sugar in my urine, my Midwife was very relieved about this as it would be a shame to get this far and then start with complications. 
My bump is measuring 37cm which means that baby is now weighing approximately 7lbs 7. 
Baby is still 3/5ths engaged, but in the words of the Midwife the head is ‘down there good and proper now’! 
I am booked in for a sweep next Wednesday when I will be 40 weeks + 4 days, though my Midwife does hope that labour will start naturally before then, my fingers are crossed as I really don’t want to have a sweep! She informed me that they may try a couple of sweeps as they prefer to start labour as naturally as possible, but if this doesn’t work by 05 March I will have to go into Hospital to be induced.  I am now willing this baby out of me and will be bouncing on my gym ball again shortly after publishing this post! 

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