Pregnancy : What I’ve Packed in Our Hospital Bags

Pregnancy : What I’ve Packed in Our Hospital Bags
Packing your hospital bags ready to give birth is so hard and can be quite stressful, everywhere you look tells you that you do or don’t need different things. At my Parent Craft classes we were given a list telling us what we needed. They told us just to pack the basics on the assumption that we won’t be staying in Hospital for very long, partners aren’t allowed to stay overnight so they will be back and fore and can pick more items up as and when necessary.

Blog post - what to pack in your hospital bags for giving birth
I’ve packed one bag for me, one bag for baby and one bag with food and drinks, this way it will be easier to find things when looking for certain items.

pregnancy hospital bag clothes and toiletries for mum to be pyjama bottoms, two nighties, slippers, black dressing gown, big black knickers, maternity towels. hand held fan, nursing bras, breast pads, socks and towels

My Bag.
1 x PJ bottoms. Just in case I need to stay overnight, I like to sleep in PJ bottoms.
2 x dark, cheap nighties. One for giving birth in and another for afterwards, the buttons will be handy for feeding.
8 x big, black, cheap knickers. 
2 x Nursing sleep bras. These are so comfortable though they are currently a little big on me as I opted for large. Hopefully when my milk comes in they will fit okay. They are from Mothercare.
1 x dark, lightweight dressing gown. If I want to go walking around during labour or taking toilet breaks I can put this on.  I struggled to find a dark, lightweight, long dressing gown. This one came from H&M.
Mini Tangle Teezer.
Toiletry bag which includes toothpaste, 2 x toothbrushes (if I am in labour for a long time Spencer may want to freshen up), mini shower gel, shampoo, conditioner face wash, bobbles, hair grips, foundation & blusher. I haven’t packed face wipes as I can use the baby wipes.
Flannels, these are to pop on my head during labour to cool me down.
Mini fan from Boots.
5 x socks.
2 x packs of maternity pads.
Bath towel & hand towel.
Breast pads (I have taken these out of the box to save room).

pregnancy hospital bag clothes for baby nappies for baby nappy sacks, wet wipes and cotton wool balls

Baby’s Bag.
Coming home outfit consisting of Snow Suit, vest, long sleeved sleep suit and hat.
1 x fleecy blanket for coming home.
7 x long sleeve sleep suits.
1 x pack extra sensitive baby wipes.
1 x bag of cotton wool.
1 x bag of nappy sacks.
1 x travel nappy changing mat.
24 x size one nappies. We bought our nappies from Aldi as they have come highly recommended by several people.
Scratch mitts – not in photos as I only realised that I’d forgot them when I came to type this up. I will go and add a pack of scratch mitts to baby’s bag now!

hospital bag for giving birth sugary snacks in the form of lucozade drinks chocolate and cereal bars

For both of us – food & drink.

We were told at Parent Craft class that the Hospital is on a healthy eating scheme which means that you aren’t able to buy the high sugar drinks and snacks that you require for energy throughout long labours. As a result I’ve packed us a bag that will have us buzzing from a sugar rush! 
2 x cans of orange Lucozade for me (Lucozade happened to be on offer when I bought this so all the bottles had sold out, only reason for choosing cans instead!).
1 x bottle of original Lucozade for Spencer.
4 x Mars Bars.
2 x boxes of cereal bars (we both wanted different flavours).
1 x cup with straw, Spencer may have to feed me my drinks through this straw.
Things to pick up on our way out.

My pregnancy notes.
Camera (I am making sure that my camera bag is with my Hospital bags when not in use so that we remember to grab it).
Phone charger.
Bottle of water from freezer (it can be hot in those hospital rooms so drinks go warm quickly, Midwife recommended freezing one drink so that there is a chance of it staying cold).
Coming home clothes for me (I’m still going to wear maternity clothes to come home as I don’t want anything that is tight on me when I’m potentially sore, I don’t have enough maternity clothes to pack an outfit ready so I will grab leggings & a dress when we leave).
Lip balm. I’m a lap balm junkie so wherever I am my lip balm is also there. 
Car seat. The base is fitted in the car ready so we just have to remember to grab the car seat.
Loose change. We personally don’t need to worry about this as Hospitals in Wales have free parking, we have food & mobiles so don’t need change for vending machines or phones. This is something to consider that you may need, especially if you do have to pay for parking.
I think that I am finally organised (once I put those mitts in baby’s bag!). Is there anything that you think I’ve missed?

I am planning on writing a follow up post showing what I actually needed and things that I wish I had taken – is this something that you would be interested to see?


  1. 21st February 2015 / 2:58 pm

    Looks great!I too packed lucozade and energy snacks-turns out I was too busy throwing up and Callum was too busy helping to even think about eating!!!

    • 5th April 2016 / 8:35 pm

      lol mine came in handy post birth as I was done in and so hungry!

  2. 2nd April 2016 / 10:36 am

    Great post hun. Sugary snacks is something I didn't have last time so will definitely take some in my bag this time! xx

    • 5th April 2016 / 8:36 pm

      Thank you! My labour was so fast we didn't eat any during but they really came in handy afterwards when we needed a pick me up but had no time to make 'proper' food.

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