Aria’s Four Week Update

Aria’s Four Week Update
Yesterday, Thursday 26 March 2015, Aria was four weeks/one month old. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone, I don’t like it!
28.2.15 2 days old || 12.3.15 2 weeks old || 19.3.15 3 weeks old || 26.3.15 4 weeks/1 month old
In these four weeks we have all come on leaps and bounds. Spencer and I have had very little experience with looking after babies so have both been learning on the job. It still shocks me how confident we have both become, especially with Aria being so small, most people are afraid to hold her but we just have to get on with it. Don’t get me wrong we get very stressed at times and rely on Google, a lot, but we are getting on with it quite happily.
Spencer is back in work four days a week, he currently has Wednesdays off to give me a break. His being back in work has definitely helped me get into a routine with my days, though they still never go to plan! I have been out on my own with Aria (only for short periods so far) and also caught the bus with her. I’ve also been out on my own without Aria, I spent most of that time wondering why I wasn’t using the time out to sleep.
Aria was weighed today at four weeks + 1 day and is now 7lb 60z, she has outgrown most of her tiny baby clothes, those that still fit her only just fit her. She doesn’t quite fit newborn sizing yet which is quite annoying, at the moment we have a choice of dressing her in clothes that are either too small or too big, nothing fits.
She is no longer scrunched up and wanting to be straight most of the time, if we hold her up now she forces her legs straight so that we can’t sit her down, she also forces them straight when trying to change her which can be fun!
She has started to hold her head a little, nothing major but she will move her head around to look around. She was very aware from the moment that she was born, as soon as she came out she was looking around, but she is doing it a lot more now and appears to take more in.
She is awake a lot more, yesterday she actually stayed awake for the whole time between two feeds (around two and a half hours) which never happens. I used this time for a little bit of tummy time which she really doesn’t like, she puts up with it for about five minutes before screaming the house down, and also for her to play with her Fisher Price gym. She still doesn’t have the coordination skills to be able to hit the toys but she gives it a very good going, you can see how excited she gets when she does manage to hit one, her arms and legs go wild!
As for sleep Aria is pretty good, typically going about three hours through the night without waking, which she has done since day one. I usually feed her at around 12am, 3am and 6am throughout the night and she goes back to sleep pretty much straight after, although I do hold her upright for twenty minutes after each feed otherwise she tends to be sick. The holding her is quite hard going at 3am in the morning when I just want sleep!
She is pooing roughly every 1 – 2 days now and they are a nightmare. They are super runny and leak out of the nappy every time. I have researched this and apparently it is just a result of her having my breast milk, it makes their poos runny and therefore they will leak.
My biggest lesson learnt – do not change nappies in the back of the car. Aria had a poo so I felt like I had to change her straight away using the portable changing matt and the back seats of the car. I didn’t take into account the fact that the car seats slope. The poo was already all over her as it leaked out of her nappy and up her front. She kept kicking her legs around during the change which resulted in there being poo on the backrest of the seats. She had a pee mid change which all ran down the matt and all over her body and in her hair. Next time she can stay in the dirty nappy until we are somewhere convenient!


  1. March 28, 2015 / 12:02 am

    Aww bless her. You can really see she's grown! M x

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