Mummy & Daddy Essential : Hooded Coats

Mummy & Daddy Essential : Hooded Coats
What a lot of people don’t consider when pregnant, or at least we didn’t, is the fact that you can’t hold up an umbrella when in charge of a pushchair. Whilst you can buy umbrellas that attach to the pushchair I’m really not convinced that these would hold up well in the wind. I have visions of me fighting with an umbrella that is clipped onto Aria’s pushchair while getting soaking wet and just looking ridiculous! As a result both myself and Spencer are going to need to invest in a lightweight coat with a hood for the dreaded April showers, and knowing Britain, the entire Summer! 
While searching the internet for coats with hoods I came across the brand Esprit and fell quite quickly in love, their selection of practical clothing is fantastic, their home ware section is to die for (there are so many cushions that I didn’t know I needed, I just need to persuade Spencer that we need them!) and the kids clothing section is ridiculously cute. We have an absolutely ridiculous amount of clothes for Aria so I must resist, though it is difficult to.
These are a few of my favourite coats for both myself and Spencer, links left to right. 
1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5
Which coat is your favourite for me and for Spencer? I think the first is my favourite and Spencer prefers the last of the men’s in this list. 

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