Aria’s Six Week Update

Aria’s Six Week Update

My little baby is six weeks old today, I can’t quite believe it! The time is going so quickly.

26.3.15 4 weeks old || 9.4.15 6 weeks old
It has been two weeks since my last update, not a lot has changed but there are a few little things. 
She was weighed today at six weeks and is now 7 lbs 15 & 1/2 oz, that is a gain of 9 & 1/2 oz in the two weeks since her last weigh in and she is still following the line for 2nd centile. She is 50.5 cm in length and again following the line for the 2nd centile. Her head circumference is 37 cm and following the chart on the 25th centile. The Health Visitor assured me that her head being on a completely different centile to her weight and height is completely normal, she is a small baby but her brain is developing at a normal pace making her head larger. The Doctor may want to monitor this but it is just to tick the boxes rather than actually being concerned. 

She loves to stand up now, obviously with help from us, she really enjoys bouncing on her legs. She is holding her head up for longer periods of time and also holding her gaze and following items with her eyes.
She is staying awake a lot longer and demanding our attention more and more each day. We attempt to entertain her by rattling her toys at her, talking to her and bouncing her. She is grabbing most things that go near her hands, including my hair during feeds. 
She sucks on her hands a lot and often cries when doing this, we then give her a feed and she drinks approximately one fluid once before refusing to take any more, we think it is just the comfort she is after so yesterday introduced her to a dummy which is going well so far. We are only using it when we can’t comfort her and know that she isn’t hungry. Feed wise she is still pretty much all over the place, we give her four fluid ounces at each feed and sometimes she drinks it all, other times she will only drink one fluid ounce, hopefully the dummy between feeds will control this a little more. In the day she goes around two to three hours between feeds. She has now dropped a night feed and tends to go around four hours between night feeds which is great if we time the last feed right as we only wake up once in the night. I am no longer expressing, Aria is exclusively formula fed now.
She seems to be struggling a little with a build up of wind throughout the day, when we come to feeds later on in the evening she is crying for her bottle but spitting it out and then getting herself really frustrated. We have introduced Infacol gradually over the past few days so will see how this goes, so far so good, the first two times I used it she had a poo mid feed and went on to drink the whole bottle. The only problem is that we need to remember to give it her before each feed as it is prevention rather than cure and we struggle to remember to give it her until we have the problem bottles.
Spencer and I had our first time together without Aria yesterday, she stayed with her nan for most of the day and behaved very well considering that it was her first ever time away from both mum & dad.
My biggest lesson learnt – I didn’t think that I would but I struggle to let go when other people try and comfort her. If she is crying without letting go and someone else (other than Spencer) is dealing with her I find it really hard to bite my lip and not take over/tell them what to do. I need to learn to sit back and ignore her cries at times.


  1. April 11, 2015 / 7:35 pm

    Oh so cute!! Don't be afraid,to ask for her back to comfort her though!

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