Baby Milestone Cards

You may have seen these Baby Milestone cards pop up a few times in Aria’s updates posts. They are such a good idea and a great way of marking those special moments in your baby’s life.

The set contains various age cards and cards for developmental progress, as well as a blank card that you can use for whatever you want and two cards (one pink, one blue) to fill in the baby’s information. There is a space on the developmental cards to write the date, so you would write the date that the event took place and then take a photo of the baby with the card. You then have the photos to look back on as well as the cards with the dates written on.
As well as ages the cards include sleeping through the night, saying mum, saying dad, first tooth, sitting up, rolling over and many, many more.
The cards are very pretty which is a big plus, you don’t want to look back on plain old ugly cards now do you! They come neatly presented in a little box and would make a great gift for a new baby.
As usual, the link to purchase is below the first picture.

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