New Baby Housework Hacks

New Baby Housework Hacks
When you’ve just had a baby housework is the last thing on your mind. This combined with the fact that you will have more visitors than ever before means getting inventive and creating housework hacks.  I have picked up quite a few along the way, read on to find out my hacks and my thought process while using them.

new baby housework hacks

Someone is due to visit in half an hour, but it is okay, I’ve just had a baby, they won’t expect the house to be clean. 

I should at least clean the bathroom, I always judge people by their bathroom.
I know, I’ll just squirt some blue stuff down the toilet and wipe the seat over with a baby wipe, they’ll never know that it isn’t actually very clean.
*Sit back down in living room*
I can see dust on the fireplace, I’ll quickly re-organise the New Baby cards to hide the dust on the fireplace. I know, I’ll reorganise them and spray some polish around so that it smells clean. 
*Sit back down in living room*
Just thought, why not light the baby powder Yankee Candle too, that way people will think the baby smells amazing and not like poo and sick, they won’t know it is coming from the candle. The person who bought me the candle hasn’t long had a baby, maybe this is actually what all new mother’s really do. It isn’t just me who hasn’t tidied my house for weeks after having a baby after all.
*Sit back down in living room*
What if they need to go to the toilet while they are here, they have to walk through the kitchen to get to the bathroom. I had better tidy the kitchen too. I’m running out of time, I know, I’ll just throw everything in the dishwasher or washing machine and sort it all out properly later. While I’m in here I’ll just wipe the surfaces and oven down with a baby wipe.
*Sit back down in living room*
It actually looks and smells quite clean now, except for that stain that I can see on the wooden floor now that the light is shining into the room. Where are the baby wipes again….
Basically, when you have just had a baby housework will turn into hiding what you can and scrubbing every surface with a baby wipe!

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  1. May 11, 2015 / 12:36 pm

    I LOVE BABY WIPES! If I have used one and it's only a "little" bit dirty, i'll search out anything else i can "use it up" on…like the bin lid, a coffee stain, the car dashboard etc! I am so anal! Never waste a wipe is my motto! Love the idea of spraying polish so it "smells" clean…heehee!

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