What Aria Wore #1

Aria has so many cute outfits I figure that it is about time that I show them off on here. Who doesn’t want to see cute babies in cute clothes?

Her cardigan was very kindly knitted for me by my friend Kelly, you can view more of Kelly’s creations here.
Her tights and bootees are actually part of other clothing sets, the tights from her Guess How Much I Love You outfit and the bootees from a set by George at Asda. I am actually on the hunt for more tights and bootees for her but can’t find any in newborn size! I managed to find a set of tights in M&S that fit 0-6 months, not so surprisingly they are far too big.  The only place that I didn’t look in Cwmbran was Asda because I was on my own with Aria, the lift wasn’t working and the travelator states that you can’t use pushchairs on it, which left me with no way of going upstairs to look at the baby clothes, very frustrating.
Anyway, back onto this post. This little all in one suit is from Peacocks. I couldn’t resist picking it up as I have not seen anything like it before. The cute little Welsh dragon is just adorable and it looks so nice on her. If you know any Welsh people with a baby girl I suggest that you buy them this as they will LOVE it.

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