Aria’s Twelve Week Update

Aria’s Twelve Week Update
Yesterday Aria turned 12 weeks which I am really not happy about, even though it is a while away yet the 12 week mark has really made me panic about going back to work. 
baby lying on pink rug with milestone cards at 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks old

A lot has happened since my last update. She is now weighing 10lbs 1oz and still following the line for the second centile. She is finally fitting into newborn clothing, and some first size but a lot of first size is still too big for her.
Baby with milestone cards for sleeping through the night and smiling also baby holding head up during tummy time
She is now sleeping through the night, she typically goes down at around 8pm and wakes any time between 7-8.30am, we are so incredibly lucky to have a baby who likes to sleep! She is always smiling and cooing in response to us now, sometimes we can’t shut her up, it is ridiculously cute! Her head is  now really strong, if we carry her she holds her head up and looks around, she also holds it up for longer periods of time during tummy time. 
We have recently upped the teats on the bottles to level 2, this was because she was sucking so hard that the teat was collapsing. As well as changing the teat we have recently upped her bottles to 6oz as she was fully draining the 5oz bottles. She is feeding roughly every 2 hours in the morning and then goes longer between each bottle as the day goes on. 
She has had first cold which thankfully wasn’t a bad one. She had a blocked nose and was struggling with breathing when drinking, we went to the Chemist who recommended a saline spray which worked wonders, literally two squirts up each nostril and so much snot came out! 
She is getting very strong now, she pushes and forces her way into the position that she wants to be in, we try to hold her upright when feeding her but she forces herself into a lying down position! She is also bum shuffling, she starts at one end of the changing matt and manages to shuffle her way all the way up to the other end. She still loves to be on her feet and is now ‘walking’ when we hold her on her feet, putting one foot in front of the other, very slowly and unsteadily but I find it amazing that she knows what to do.
We have had a few sores on her neck where milk and dribble is getting in the creases and getting stuck. As well as bathing her I now make sure that I give her neck a good clean every morning with a wet wipe and put a layer of Sudocrem Care & Protect into the creases. After bathing her I put loads of talcum powder into the creases to make sure that the area is dry.
As for me, I’m fine. My back is constantly hurting and my skin has gone awful but other than that I’m fine. I’m getting a decent night sleep each night which is amazing.
My biggest lesson learnt – Take spare batteries on holiday, we were so prepared and took everything on holiday for her, including her light projector that sends her to sleep. What we didn’t do was take spare batteries and as luck would have it the batteries ran out on our first night! We managed to buy some the next day but had an awful night with her that night. It may not have been any better with the projector for all that I know but not having it couldn’t have helped.
Also, always make sure that Spencer weighs her. As we hadn’t managed to go to the Docotors to get her weighed for a while Spencer stood on the scales with Aria so we could work out her weight, I stripped her off and handed her over to him. She then decided to do a wee! It went all over Spencer, the scales and the bathroom floor!



  1. 9th June 2015 / 3:50 pm

    She is so adorable! I'm jealous of your sleeping through routine, but i'm sure Arlo will get there one day! I am laughing about the pee situation too, poor spencer!

    Thanks for linking up with #WhatMyKidDid!

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