Bluestone Wales : Day One

Bluestone Wales : Day One
Day one of our Bluestone trip was all about settling into our lodge, we picked our rooms, unpacked, plugged the Chromecast in and ordered takeaway.
Carry on reading for more photos and details of our first day in Bluestone.


Children bouncing on beds Bluestone Wales
Gracie and Olly were so excited that they didn’t know what to do first. They found their bedroom and fell in love. Gracie enjoyed bouncing on the bed, Olly couldn’t join in as he couldn’t reach the bed!
Boy and girl staring out of window Bluestone Wales
They had the bedroom with the window looking down on the living room which they loved. This window was covered in hand prints when we left, sorry about that! I imagine that it is pretty much the same following most stays with children as they were very drawn to it.
Aerial view of living room with child playing with cars sleeping baby and girl staring out of window
Once the kids were happy that they had discovered everything in their bedroom they came back downstairs and unloaded their toys. Olly loved the spacious room which provided plenty of space for his toy cars to drive around in. Gracie spent a lot of the evening impatiently staring out of the window as she couldn’t wait to get out and explore the resort.
cute baby sitting on sofa with a bottle
Aria spent the evening chilling with a drink!
The rain bought the ducks out, this little chap came right up to our patio doors to say hello.
Great British Takeaway boxes
As we couldn’t check in until 4pm by the time we had unpacked and taken a trip to the supermarket we didn’t really have time to go out so decided to order a takeaway. As I mentioned in my last post we viewed the menu on the TV but had to phone to order it, it is a shame that we couldn’t order via the TV.
pie and chips
Spencer, me and my parents ordered food. It came sooner than expected. I ordered a feta, red pepper & spinach pie with chips. This was beautiful and very filling. Spencer ordered a pizza, he wasn’t very impressed with it and regretted not picking up a cheaper, tastier one from the supermarket. My parents both ordered sausage in batter with chips, again they weren’t very impressed with theirs. The batter was very greasy, so greasy in fact that my mother was actually sick after eating it!
We took our Chromecast with us so settled down with a film, drink and good chatter after we had eaten and put the kids to bed.


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