Easy DIY Flower Headband

Easy DIY Flower Headband
I love floral crowns but find them to be very overpriced, so I decided to make my own, it took me about five minutes and cost less them £5! This flower headband tutorial is so simple that even the least creative amongst us would be able to make their own – you don’t even need to glue it if you don’t want to.
Easy DIY flower headband

Headband base and crafting flowers some lose some on headband

You will need a plain headband base and crafting flowers in the colour of your choice (be sure to buy the ones on wire so that you can wrap them around the band).

Remove the flowers from the bunch leaving as much wire on them as possible.
DIY flower headband
Place them on the headband base and wrap the wire around as tightly as possible so that the flowers feel secure, keep wrapping around until all of the wire is around the base.
close up of completed DIY flower headband
Repeat this until you have the desired amount of flowers on your band. At this point you can glue on the two end flowers if you like to prevent them from slipping but there is no need to, I haven’t with mine and the flowers stay in place fine, so long as the wire is wrapped around tightly it is pretty secure.
DIY flower headband being worn

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