Hello Fresh Box #2 – April 2015

Hello Fresh Box #2 – April 2015
We decided to treat ourselves to another Hello Fresh box back in April, as we were going on holiday the week after receiving the box I opted for the family box with four meals for four people, I could cook them all, eat half now and freeze half so that we had food in on our return.
If you want to read a little bit more about the concept of Hello Fresh then read my initial post here. If you just want to see the delicious meals, including this delicious chicken dish, carry on reading.
Chicken Yakitori with crispy red onions and sweet and sour noodles

Chicken Yakitori with crispy red onions and sweet and sour noodles.

This dish was a faff to make, it wasn’t necessarily tricky it just required a lot of ingredients, dishes, pots, pans, etc – my small kitchen got very cramped! Faff aside the dish was delicious, full of flavour and very satisfying. I wouldn’t necessarily think to add green beans to this type of dish but it worked really well. Personally, I found the skewers a little pointless, we both pulled the chicken off and mixed it in with the noodles to eat which made the effort of threading the chicken onto them seem like a bit of a waste of time.
Positano Pasta with courgettes, mozzarella and smoked pancetta
Positano Pasta with courgettes, mozzarella and smoked pancetta.  
This dish was straightforward to make, tasted good and filled a huge hole! Nothing not to like. The creaminess of the mozzarella combined with the smoky pancetta made for a flavour sensation.
Minted Lamb and Feta Burgers with a crunchy summer salad
Minted Lamb and Feta Burgers with a crunchy summer salad. 
I’d been looking forward to these since ordering the box and they didn’t disappoint. The toasted brioche roll was delicious and will definitely be replacing standard burger rolls in my house. The flavour in the burger was beautiful, although I felt that the feta just blended in, if I was to make them again I would add more feta.  I didn’t pat the burger down much as the recipe said not to, again, if making again I would change this and pat them down more so that they held together better and filled the roll.
 Butterflied Chicken with feta, leek and minted potatoes
Butterflied Chicken with feta, leek and minted potatoes. 
Another winner although we followed the recipe exactly and the chicken wasn’t quite cooked enough for our liking, this is personal preference as we do tend to over cook our chicken as we like it that way, from now on when cooking chicken in these meals I will add a further ten minutes or so onto the time. Chicken preferences aside the flavours of this were gorgeous, the feta and leek with the chicken worked really well and the minted potatoes tasted super fresh.
Another great box from Hello Fresh! The family box cost £64 but it fed the two of us eight times, which is sixteen meals in total which brings the cost to £4 per meal.
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  1. May 13, 2015 / 1:16 pm

    I loved my one last week, well worth getting with the discount code. Groupon have them on offer this week too xx

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