Hello Fresh Box #3 – May 2015

Hello Fresh Box #3 – May 2015
You may recall me saying that the Hello Fresh boxes would only be a treat for us, well I am getting slightly addicted and finding them difficult to resist, so, here I am reviewing my third box! 
If you are unfamiliar with Hello Fresh, read my first Hello Fresh blog post here in which I explain a little bit about how it works. If you just want to see what mouth watering dishes I made from this box carry on reading.
Hello Fresh Black Bean Chili with brown rice and citrus crème fraiche

Black Bean Chili with brown rice and citrus crème fraiche.

This was beautiful, the cooling citrus creme fraiche was a delightful contrast against the chilli. The only way this could have been improved upon is if there was beef mince in the chilli. 
Hello Fresh Herby Pork Stuffed Chicken Breast with an easy pan sauce
Herby Pork Stuffed Chicken Breast with an easy pan sauce.
I never would have thought to use sausage filling to stuff a chicken breast, but I will now. It was amazing. I was very wary about the roasties as I had to put them straight into the oven without par boiling as I usually would, I ignored my mind and followed the recipe and I’m glad that I did, the roasties were perfect, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. I did ignore the recipe for the broccoli and cooked it for longer than stated because I like my broccoli soft. I very nearly gave up on the easy pan sauce, it just would not thicken up, I turned the heat up high and carried on stirring and eventually it did thicken up, I’m glad I didn’t give up because it was delicious and is something that I would make again. 
Hello Fresh Souk-ulent Chicken Tagine with apricot, flaked almonds and cooling yoghurt
Souk-ulent Chicken Tagine with apricot, flaked almonds and cooling yoghurt.
This was beautiful, not the type of dish that I would ever come up with or pick off a menu but I really enjoyed it, having never cooked with Ras-El-Hanout previously I am now a huge fan of this spice, it smells delicious and really adds something special to a dish, plus it looks very pretty as it contains rose petals.
Hello Fresh Bang Bang Bangladeshi Biryani

Bang Bang Bangladeshi Biryani.

I put this meal off for so long, I’m not the biggest fan of hot food so the ‘bang bang’ in the title was quite off-putting. I shouldn’t have been put off, yes, it was hot, but it wasn’t overbearing, it was hot in a nice way that I could enjoy and appreciate.

Hello Fresh Tagliatelle with smoked salmon and lemon
Tagliatelle with smoked salmon and lemon.

This was my least favourite dish of the box, which is a surprise as it is the dish that I was most looking forward to and is the meal that I am more likely to make at home than the others. The flavours were nice but we both found it to be very dry and, I hate to say it, bland, I did add extra tagliatelle in than the recipe stated (there was only going to be a little bit left over so I just put it all in) so maybe this is why it was dry, The creme fraiche sauce mixture that was added during cooking seemed to disappear into nothing. I’m guessing this has more to do with me adding more pasta/not cooking it quite right rather than the actual recipe.

Hello Fresh gifts for reaching apprentice chef level
Hello Fresh give you rewards once you have ordered so many boxes, as this was my third box I hit Apprentice Chef level and received a recipe journal, a tote bag and a silver thing (!), does anyone know what this is?
If you like the look of Hello Fresh sign up here and use my discount code J6J5KN to receive £20 off your first box.


  1. 24th May 2015 / 4:11 pm

    I love a good chilli, not a fan of putting cream with it though. Whenever i go to a restaurant and order chill i always request it without cream or cheese x

  2. 10th August 2016 / 2:54 pm

    The silver thing is to hold your recipes in place in the ring binder… if you hadn't worked that out yet. I realised mid-comment quite how old this blog is.

    Any idea what gift you get for 20th box? I've just had my 13th…

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