Review : Ozeri WeightMaster II – Scale with Weight Change Detection

Review : Ozeri WeightMaster II – Scale with Weight Change Detection
As well as calculating your BMI these bathroom scales will tell you if you have lost or gained weight since your last weigh in, they light up green for a loss or red for a gain. 
Ozeri WeightMaster II box
Carry on reading to find out more about how they work.

To start using the Ozeri WeightMaster II scales you need to set up a profile for yourself, which is very simple, it recognises you by your weight so you just need to step onto the scale and then follow the instructions to enter your height, from this it automatically calculates your BMI and saves you in the memory, I was the first person to use our scales so am saved as P1, when I step onto the scales now it automatically detects that I am P1. The scales will recognise a total of eight people. 
The downside to the scales recognising you by your weight is that if your weight changes by 6.6lbs or more it may not recognise you, this could be a pain, for example, when you have been on holiday for a week or two and gained quite a large amount of weight it may not recognise you which means resetting your profile and loosing all of your previous data.
outer packaging of Ozeri WeightMaster II bathroom scales
Ozeri WeightMaster II bathroom scales review
The standard colour of the screen is blue, this then changes to green or red on each weigh in, though the red is more of an orange colour. The scales have a thirty day memory and will use this to compare your weight, you are encouraged to weigh in every day when you will be shown the difference in weight from the previous day, the average of the last three days, the previous week and the previous thirty days. 
For someone like me who weighs everyday these scales are great, I no longer look at the numbers, I simply focus on whether the scale is green or red. If the scale is red it really does encourage me to have a good day and aim for green the following day. 
If you aren’t someone who weighs everyday already then these probably aren’t for you as they encourage you to weigh more often and could create an unhealthy obsession.
Ozeri WeightMaster II bathroom scales lit up red for weight gain
I weighed as normal and then stepped back on with my camera, the scales informed me that I had gained 0.8kg since my previous weigh in and lit up red.
What do you think of these scales? For me they have helped take my mind off the numbers and concentrate on purely gains or losses, do you think they would help you?
The scales are available in a choice of black (pictured) or white. As usual, the link to purchase is above the first picture.

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  1. 17th May 2015 / 5:37 pm

    These are so cool but I think they might make me cry when they turn red haha!

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