Ten Uses for Muslin Cloths

Ten Uses for Muslin Cloths
When I found out I was pregnant so many people told me that muslin cloths were an absolute essential, I wasn’t sure exactly how essential they were but bought some based on this advice. Now that I have a nine week old baby I can see exactly why they are essentials, they are a lot more versatile than just a glorified sick rag!
10 alternative uses for muslin cloths
Read on for my top ten uses for Muslin cloths, aside from the obvious wiping up sick and dribble.

1. Modesty cover while breastfeeding.
2. As a comforter. Aria clung onto one of her’s all the way home from our holiday on Friday.
3. Propping up your breasts when breast feeding.
4. If you do the above you can then pop them in with your baby to settle them when sleeping as they will have your scent on them.
5. Sun shield, either put your Muslin cloth over the car window when travelling or over the pushchair when out and about.
6. If your baby is likely to be sick after their bottle put a Muslin cloth under their head, this will catch the sick and prevent it from going on to the sheets/surface that baby is on.
7. To line a cold changing mat.
8. To line the pushchair handle to prevent sweaty hands and germs.
9. To place under the baby when having nappy free time, if they go to the toilet the cloth will soak up most of it. 
10. A blanket, when I take Aria out in the wrap I don’t have a blanket around her, so if I need to take her out and lie her down I use a Muslin cloth.
The Muslin Cloths pictured in this post are the Madedmoiselle set* from BabymoovUK, visit their website here, Facebook page here and Twitter here.
What are your favourite uses for Muslin cloths?


  1. May 3, 2015 / 5:19 pm

    Ooh, brilliant post! My mum has been buying loads for me (plain ones for in the house and pretty ones for outside haha) and I couldn't work out quite what I'd need them for other then sick mopping so this is helpful.

  2. May 12, 2015 / 7:15 am

    They are a lifesaver! Also can be used as a nappy if you neglect to pack your changing bag before you go out (of course, this is something I've never done…..) #MBPW

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