Using Up The Kitchen Leftovers #1

Using Up The Kitchen Leftovers #1
We’re always left with loads of food waste at the end of the week, especially after having a Hello Fresh box for the week. I’ve decided to set myself a challenge to minimise our food waste by either using it up or preserving it.
box of food waste



This week the leftovers were :
beef chilli in tupperware
The first thing that I made was chilli, I always have mince in my freezer so I defrosted a packet of beef mince yesterday in readiness. I started by frying the onions with a teaspoon of cumin, a finely diced garlic clove and the beef mince. I drained the fat once cooked and then added a tin of tomatoes, two chopped fresh tomatoes, both the red & black beans, 1/4 teaspoon of dried crushed chillies and chilli powder to taste. This was simple to make, tastes amazing and can be kept in the freezer to eat at a later date.
duck egg omelette with sweet potato fries and veg
The second thing that I made was duck egg omelette. Our friend keeps ducks at his allotment and gave us some eggs to try out. I fried some peppers and tomatoes, poured three whisked eggs over them and added torn mozzarella, I left this until it was cooked through and added some parsley to it once I had dished it up, I served the omelette with the leftover bits of veg and some sweet potato fries.
Preserving parsley and mint in an ice cube tray with olive oil
Following these two meals I still had some parsley, mint and lemons left. I chopped the herbs up, added them into an ice cube tray and poured olive oil over, once these have frozen I will transfer them into freezer bags marked up to tell me which herb it is (note to myself, the parsley is the one that I have six cubes of!). These can then be used for various things, for example if I am cooking a lamb steak I will pop one of the mint cubes into the frying pan or if I make a batch of cous cous I will pop a parsley cube into it.
This leaves me with two lemon halves, these will simply be sliced and put into our drinks throughout the day. I am feeling very satisfied after using/preserving all of my usual food waste.
Kitchen staples  – Mince (it is worth getting into the habit of picking this up whenever you see it reduced in the supermarket and freezing it), tinned tomatoes, dried herbs/spices, garlic, eggs, frozen chips.
Great meals for using up food – Omelette and tomato based dishes such as chilli or bolognese. 


  1. 17th May 2015 / 4:57 pm

    Loved this post Leanne. Such a good idea. My eating isnt the best so its more of the case of just making sure I recycle my cardboard from the amount of frozen food i eat! – woops naughty!

    ​Leanne @ Leanne-Marie ​ x​​x

  2. 17th May 2015 / 4:58 pm

    We've started doing this too! Very satisfying x

  3. 17th May 2015 / 5:04 pm

    This looks like a really good idea, much better than throwing it all out x

  4. 17th May 2015 / 5:57 pm

    Great post lovely! I waste so much and wish I didn't 🙁

    I also really like how you froze the herbs! X

  5. 18th May 2015 / 1:47 pm

    Love this – great idea! I've just started meal planning to try and avoid wastage / too many leftovers. Will have to try freezing herbs with oil too 🙂

  6. 18th May 2015 / 10:54 pm

    Wow, I wouldn't have thought to freeze the herbs. Great idea! I hate throwing away food and don't have a suitable compost bin spot in the garden, so I'll be trying to use your approach for sure :).

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