Using Up The Kitchen Leftovers #2

Using Up The Kitchen Leftovers #2
This week I decided to use up the Hello Fresh food leftovers in our bank holiday bank barbecue.
food waste - chickpeas, butternut squash, aubergine, tomatoes, cucumber and pepper



The leftovers this week were :
chicken, aubergine, pepper and tomato kebabas cooking on the barbecue
I used up a huge chunk of the leftovers making chicken kebabs, I had diced chicken breasts in the freezer which I bought on quick sale a while back, I left these in the fridge the day before to defrost. I soaked the sticks in a pint of water for a while before making the kebabs up, I made some with chicken, pepper and aubergine and some with tomato and aubergine. These were then cooked on the barbecue, they tasted absolutely delicious and are a great way of getting the kids to try new vegetables – *tip*, if you have any grilling cheese add that to your kebabs, it is amazing!
close up of cous cous with chick peas, butternut squash, parsley, fried onions and butter
I had a bag of cous cous in the cupboard and decided to make up the whole bag to go with the barbecue. I poured 500ml of water over the cous cous and left it for five minutes, I then stirred it and added butter, chick peas, butternut squash (I boiled this in a pan of water first), onions (I fried these lightly first) and all of the parsley that I had frozen the previous week, I made sure to add this while the cous cous was still hot so that it would melt the frozen olive oil.
The fresh parsley was used as seasoning on salmon along with the juice of a lemon, again the salmon had been bought on quick sale, frozen and then defrosted the day before. We wrapped this in foil and popped it direct on the wood on the chiminea as our barbecue ran out of gas, annoyingly we forgot about these and they were way overcooked, hence no photo.
I do have a confession to make, I never did get around to using the cucumber and have thrown that out, still, I’m impressed with how much I did use considering how busy our weekend was.
Kitchen staples – Meat (buy when on quick sale and pop in the freezer, always keep a good supply.) and cous cous (or any other pasta).
Great meals for using up food – kebabs and pasta based dishes.

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