Making the Most of Maternity Leave – It Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

Making the Most of Maternity Leave – It Isn’t As Easy As It Looks

People keep commenting on the fact that I am making the most of my maternity leave by getting out and having fun, they are right, I am, and it is great. People also comment on how I make this having a baby business look easy, what they don’t realise is that it isn’t all that easy, but you just have to get on with it. I could quite happily opt for the easy life and not go out on my own with Aria, but it wouldn’t be fair on her, or me in the long run.

baby in pushchair on bus baby in Kangawrap
Aria’s first bus journey || Aria’s first walk in her wrap.


The biggest hurdle is actually leaving the house, it is like a military operation. There is so much to remember when you have a baby, nappies, a change of clothes, formula, boiling water, and so much more! Once you think you have everything you need to double and triple check just in case. By the time you have done this your baby will need a bottle. Then a nappy change. Then they will be sick and need their clothes changed, you may even need to change your clothes too. If you’re having a real bad day they may then decide to have a poo which will leak and mean another change of clothes, for them and possibly you too. Kiss goodbye to spur of the moment outings.
I don’t drive which means catching buses, no matter how often you catch a bus catching a bus with a baby is very daunting, that first time and every single time after. There are many pleading thoughts going through my mind from the moment that I stand on the bus stop until the moment that I get off the bus, including :

Please let there be no other pushchairs or wheelchairs on the bus, I can just about manoeuvre my pushchair when I don’t have to share the space.
Please don’t burp or fart loudly, people will look and may think that it was me.
Please don’t get stuck in traffic, Aria doesn’t like it when the bus is stationery and will start screaming.
Please don’t poo, I can’t change you on the bus which means that I have to leave you smelling and crying, we could be stuck on this bus for another hour yet.
I hope that the bus driver is nice, some of them don’t bother pulling right up to the curb which makes getting on and off really difficult.
Please don’t pull off before I park the pushchair. Please be a nice, patient driver today, I’m still getting used to this.
Most of all, I hope that the other passengers aren’t watching and judging me.

Other nightmare situations involve :

  • Arriving at your destination to find that there isn’t much room for the pushchair, you could squeeze through and risk running over people’s toes or you could just sit outside in the cold, which is okay assuming that there are no smokers out there.
  • Going to the toilet when you are on your own with the pushchair, I have actually been to a public toilet where the disabled toilets were out of order and the other cubicles were too small to take the pushchair in, I couldn’t leave Aria outside while I used the toilet so had two options, either hold it in or use the toilet with the door open and hope that no one walks in!
  • No baby changing facilities in the toilets, before now I’ve used the portable changing mat on top of the pushchair because there has been no where to lay Aria down to change her.
  • Lifts not working. I’ve not been able to buy what I’ve wanted because it is on the second floor of the store and the lift is out of order. There is no way I can manage to take the stairs on my own wish the pushchair.
  • Judgemental people. You know the ones. Their most common phrases are along the lines of “is she cold wearing that?” “Is the sun not shining in her eyes” “is she comfortable there”. Maybe they are just trying to help but I know my baby more than you do.
So yes, we are having lots of fun, but it is also hard work. Please remember that before thinking that I have it easy.


  1. June 23, 2015 / 8:58 pm

    Oh god don't get me started on the 'is she too cold'? nosey parkers. There are people in my life, who never cease to stop banging on about this, and about how Squidge should be wrapped up more. Like I keep saying, like a scratched record, it's SO much more dangerous to over-wrap them, just take a chill pill peeps! Oh and the stress-poo when you're out, worrying constantly if they're going to poop and you'll have to change them on the go… nightmare!

  2. June 30, 2015 / 3:32 pm

    Fantastic that you're having lots of fun! I must admit I don't think I did enough whilst I was on maternity leave the first time around – mainly because of the hassle of getting out of the house! Oh and I feel you about the toilets and changing areas! There is nothing worse than going to a cafe and there is no changing facilities!

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