My Baby Changing Bag Essentials

My Baby Changing Bag Essentials
As a mum I can’t leave the house without certain items for Aria, some very important and some not so much. I keep a changing bag stocked with all of the important items and hook this onto the back of the pushchair when out and about. Read on to discover my absolute essential items.

baby changing bag essentials blog post grey and white patterned nina storsak bag in antalya grey

First up, a bit about the changing bag itself. We have the Nina Storksak in Antalya Grey. The bag comes with an insulted bottle holder, a fold up changing mat and a Snackysak which can be used to keep food warm or cool for up to four hours. It is wipe clean, has an adjustable strap and has plenty of individual compartments which are great for storing things like nappies.

flat lay photo of contents of baby changing bag for nappy changing essential items

Changing Essentials
The changing essentials that are always in my bag are nappy sacks, a fold up changing mat (we have the one that came with our bag plus a spare from IKEA for when this one is in the wash), nappies, anti-bac hand gel, a mini pot of Sudocrem and wet wipes. When buying wipes for the bag I recommend going for a pack like this Aldi one with a lid. The sticky close ones often get hit about in the bag and loose the stickiness which results in the wipes drying out.

muslin cloth baby hat and baby clothes essential changing bag items

Clothing Essentials
I always take a spare vest and sleep suit wherever I go just in case of an accident. I also carry several bibs as Aria dribbles a lot, a sun hat and a Muslin cloth* or two.

what you need in your baby changing bag for feeding times and emergency feeds

Feeding Essentials
I usually have five pots of ready measured out formula in the bag which is more than I would ever need but I prefer to carry too much rather than not enough. I use the Tommee Tippee formula pots which fit inside the bottles but I keep them loose in a compartment in the bag as they are always in the bag whereas the bottles are always being used in the house. This microwave steriliser bag* lives in my changing bag, if I ever decide to stay out later than planned and run out of clean bottles I can quickly wash one and sterilise it with this. I also take several sterilised bottles and a flask of boiling water to add to the formula.

whats in my handbag mummy essentials for baby changing bag

My Essentials
As well as the obvious things like a purse and keys I also always carry around my prescription sunglasses, a packet of tissues, lip balm* and sunscreen*. At the moment the weather is so changeable you never know when you may need sun protection so I prefer just to take it wherever I go rather than risk being caught out and getting burnt.
What are your changing bag essentials?


  1. June 29, 2015 / 3:16 pm

    I have similar stuff in mine. The wipes that come with the plastic lid are a lifesaver, I always buy them.

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