Review : Frame Again

Review : Frame Again
Now that we all have digital cameras and social media we tend to upload our photos and then forget about them. Frame Again are trying to put a stop to this with their on-line printing and framing service. You really can’t beat a framed photo on display.
Two pictures from newborn photo shoot in frames from Frame Again
Framed photo £9.99* 

Frame Again contacted me asking if I would like to trial one of their frames, they sent some information and statistics which really struck a cord. 

“Over 10m UK residents admit to wanting to enjoy more printed photos of loved ones, yet happy memories remain on memory cards and hard drives of gadgets and gizmo’s.”

I’m one of those 10m, we had lovely photos taken of Aria when she was a newborn and haven’t printed any of them yet which is really poor.

side on view of frame again photo frames

I couldn’t decide which photo to order so used the code provided to receive one for free and also paid for another.

The frames are designed to be collected, they are magnetic so stick together and can be stacked side by side, the more frames you have the better the display.

When ordering your frame you can choose between eight colours for the frame base and fourteen colours for the frame ring. The idea is that you should be able to pick colours to compliment the photo. If you really aren’t sure what colours to pick they have some examples of colours that work well together.

I love that you get to choose two colours, as you can see from my pictures this really does make an impact on how the frame looks overall. The frames arrived with the photos in the wrong frames, at first I knew they didn’t look right but couldn’t see why, then I realised they were the wrong way around. Thankfully it is easy enough to take the pictures in and out, I swapped them around and voila, the perfect picture for the perfect frame!

Changing the photos is ridiculously easy, as the frames are magnetic they come apart and go back together with no faff at all, which means no breaking your finger nails on those annoying bendy metal bits that most photo frames have!

back view of frame again photo frames

The frames can stand alone or be hung on the wall for display.

frame again review and advert


  1. 2nd June 2015 / 11:28 pm

    These frames are really pretty – love the colours. I need to start printing out some pictures to display too as I have none but a few empty frames waiting to be filled. 🙂

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