Tag : This Summer I Will…

Tag : This Summer I Will…
I’ve decided that this year I’m going to make the most of the Summer, I’m not going to do anything drastic as money is tight with me being on Maternity leave, but because I am on Maternity leave I have time and a baby to occupy, with this in mind I’ve decided to create a light hearted Summer bucket list.
This Summer I Will blog tag
  • Eat warm doughnuts on the beach – Fresh, warm doughnuts at the beach are the best doughnuts.
  • Get a tan – Not a major tan as I’m super pale but I will get a bit of colour. I’ve already got a lovely glow on my arms and chest from when I’m out walking with the pushchair.
  • Drink more smoothies – Being off work makes it far too easy to pop up the village shop for a packet of biscuits or a bar of chocolate. I’m hoping drinking more smoothies will take away the sugar craving.
  • Get fit – Nothing drastic like turning into a marathon runner overnight but I do want to get a little bit more fit. I have already started walking to my parent’s house at least once a week, it is a two mile walk and one mile of it is up a very steep hill. I use the map my walk app and always aim to beat my last time. I usually feel dead by the time that I get there but so far I have beaten my time every single time which is helping me to get fitter.
  • Visit Barry Island – I love Barry Island, it is tacky, the toilets are disgusting, it is always ridiculously busy but I still love it, it brings back fond childhood memories. There has been a lot of work done since I last went, including colourful beach sheds and a light up tunnel, I must go see it.
  • Cook more – Ordering the Hello Fresh boxes really inspired me to get cooking again as I just loved the food so much. I’ve had to cancel that subscription for financial reasons but I am planning on continuing to cook delicious meals most nights. To encourage this I will be blogging about our meals each week.
  • Eat out more – There are more and more delicious food places opening up in Cardiff all the time. I must try them all.
  • Host more barbecues – I think I say this every year, but this year will be the year for barbecues. Not big, drunken barbecues, just chilled afternoon barbecues with Spencer, Aria, friends and their children.
  • Have more picnics – I’ve bought a cool bag ready for this one! My friend is in Uni so is off for the Summer, my sister works part time and another friend is on Maternity leave. We often meet up at the local park with our children. They bring food for their children and I tend to buy myself a sandwich while I’m there. I will change this and start taking picnics with me. I also want to go just Spencer, Aria and I for really chilled out picnics.
  • Buy more days out from Groupon/Living Social – I recently bought a voucher to visit the sand sculptures at Weston Super Mare from one of these sites and we had a lovely day. It is something that I never would have thought to do nor known about if I didn’t see it on the deal site. I am going to be keeping my eyes on them and hoping that they bring more local-ish attractions to my attention, and of course they are always a bargain too!


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  1. 16th June 2015 / 8:26 pm

    Fab list. Hope you get through them all. I am looking forward to writing my list x

  2. 16th June 2015 / 9:32 pm

    What a great list! I hope you get them all done … With all the walking, picnics and barbecues, the tan will be no problem!
    Alana x

  3. 17th June 2015 / 10:03 am

    What a lovely idea! And a fab list – you're going to have a great summer! xx

  4. 17th June 2015 / 10:07 am

    Warm doughnuts on the beach are too good.

    This sounds like the makings of a great summer – fingers crossed the weather matches up!

  5. 17th June 2015 / 2:50 pm

    Such a great list! Hope you get to do all of them!

  6. 17th June 2015 / 8:13 pm

    I think I'm going to make a list too so the summer doesn't pass me by too quickly! Thinking of warm donuts on the beach has made me hungry ha! I'm also trying to get fit and drink smoothies for breakfast every morning! Alice x

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