Tots100 BlogCamp

Tots100 BlogCamp
Last Friday Aria and I headed to M Shed in Bristol for my first ever BlogCamp, hosted by Tots100 and sponsored by Hiive. I’ve never been to any type of blogging conference before so had no idea what to expect. The event was free to attend so I figured that I may as well give it a go.
baby sleeping in pushchair wearing dungarees and floral wrap headband

I’ve not yet been on a train with Aria and was a little nervous about doing it alone for the first time, especially with the proposed train strike, which didn’t end up going ahead. Thankfully Jo stepped in and gave us both a lift which took a lot of pressure off me, though I’m not sure if my not so great navigating took much pressure off Jo! 
We arrived to hot drinks, biscuits and pastries which was lovely. We had several coffee breaks throughout the day as well as a lunch break and I must say that all of the food I tried was delicious, the cakes with the colourful icing were my favourite. You may be shocked by this but I didn’t take any food photos, in fact, the photo above is the only one that I took all day. Taking photos isn’t that easy when you are in control of a three month old in a pushchair.
The day was split into several sections which were a writing workshop with Molly, business skills for creatives with Amy Morse, food blogging with Helen & Mel, photograph with Hayley and a creative panel where we were able to put our questions to big bloggers. 
As well as the blogging chats we were also invited to attend a workshop with Ciaran from Hiive, Hiive is an on-line networking, collaboration and job finding tool for UK based creatives. You can sign up to Hiive and build up an on-line portfolio which could help you get spotted in the creative industry.
I had a great day at BlogCamp, Aria was, thankfully, very well behaved all day, I even had tweets after telling me that she is a credit to me which made me super proud. Thank you Tots100 and Hiive for a lovely day.

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