Aria’s Five Month Update

Aria’s Five Month Update
Aria turned five months on 26 July, there haven’t been any major milestones this past month but there have definitely been a few developmental changes.
baby holding five month old milestone card
We last had her weighed on 22 July, a week before she turned five months, her weight was 12lbs 7oz and she is still following the line for the second centile weight wise. She is still wearing 0-3 month clothing but is filling out a lot now, I’ve started buying 3-6 months ready as I think she will need to size up very soon. She has teeny tiny feet apparently, I don’t really notice, they’re just normal to me, but almost everyone comments on how small they are, even strangers in the street! 
She is getting a little bit better with her naps, we did have a really rough stage where she would be screaming because she was tired but just would not give in. Thankfully she is now quite happy to go for a little nap, don’t get me wrong, she does still have a tantrum some times but falls to sleep after about five minutes. I’m starting to pick up on cues now and managing to put her down before she gets too tired which seems to do the trick. The cues are babbling, it sounds awful but as soon as she starts babbling I put  her to bed! I love when she babbles and used to talk back to her but now I know she does it because she is tired. She usually talks away to herself in the cot for a few minutes before popping her thumb in her mouth, rolling over and having a good sleep.

Speaking of speaking.. she has discovered that she can make really high pitched noises and can often be heard screaming and shrieking, usually when we are walking through a busy town, I think it is her way of getting attention, and it certainly works!

She also does a fake laugh, fake cough and fake cry! Just the other day she did all three one after another, she clearly didn’t know what to do or what she wanted! 

baby chewing manhattan toy winkle teether
She is getting really good at grabbing and holding things, most of which go straight into her mouth. The things that go into her mouth really does make me wonder why we bother sterilising the bottles! 
baby in fisher price jumperoo
She loves her Jumperoo and will happily bounce in there for a while, we have removed the cushion from underneath it as she can finally touch the floor, just about! I think being able to touch the hard wooden floor instead of a soft cushion is what has made it her enjoyable for her, she seems to enjoy pressure on her feet. 
She is still sleeping through the night and pretty much demands her bed come 7pm, we used to put her down anytime between 7 – 8 but now all hell breaks loose if she isn’t in there by 7! 
Aria is now drinking 7oz bottles, usually five a day but sometimes four if we’ve had a busy day out and about because she is too nosey to drink when we’re out! She absolutely loves her milk, she starts panting when she sees a bottle and opens her mouth wide when it comes near her! 


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