Aria’s Four Month Update

Aria’s Four Month Update
I’m quite behind with this update, Aria turned four months on 26 June, in those four months she has come along so much. She is such a pleasant little baby and is growing & learning everyday. 
baby girl's four month update rolled over for the first time milestone cards

We last had her weighed on 24 June, so just before she turned four months, her weight was 11lbs 4oz. She is still following the line for second centile, she has dropped a little bit further down but is still above that line. She is finally fitting into 0-3 month clothing in most shops, though in some shops 0-3 months is still too big, particularly in the waist of trousers and the length of arms. She doesn’t like it when her sleeves are too long and she can’t get to her thumb, she loves to suck her thumb! 
baby sleeping across ways in cot sucking her thumb
She can now roll over, when we put her on her tummy she will roll onto her back, she hates tummy time so I’m not surprised she has managed that! We haven’t seen her roll from her back to her front but we often go in her room to find that she has rolled onto her front, which usually results in a very unhappy baby!
Aria now sleeps in her own cot, I started putting her in there for naps during the day initially and she seemed to like it, this along with the fact that she is now rolling over made my decision to put her into her own room, I don’t trust Moses baskets when babies are rolling. She seems to love her cot, getting into all kinds of shapes and moving all over the place. We usually find her lying across the top of the cot in the morning, despite us putting her down the bottom end of the cot.
She tires easily in the day and gets quite grouchy, I am now implementing set naps so that I have a happier baby. When we are in the house this works well, I put her down for a nap roughly every 90 minutes, the nap times completely vary, anything between half an hour to two hours. She cries for about 10 minutes when I first put her down but then drops off. The naps don’t always go to plan when we are out because Aria loves to see what is going on and will struggle to stay awake despite being very tired, I can usually pull the hood down and lower the seat and she will eventually give in.
baby in city mini jogger pushchair
She is now in what I like to call the big girl part of pushchair, She is potentially a little bit too small to be in here but her head control is great and with this heatwave we’ve been having I wanted to keep her as cool as possible. The hood on our pushchair comes down quite low providing a lot of protection from the sun and this part of the pushchair is generally cooler as it is more open. Aria enjoys it in there as she is very nosey.
She is getting to grips with her hands and really concentrates on grabbing things, she likes to pick things up and either put them in her mouth or hit herself in the head with it several times! She sometimes misses the object that she is going for but she puts a lot of concentration into trying to pick things up and is always very pleased when she does. I always make sure that I put her Jellycat Skiddle Pony into the pushchair with her when we are going out so that she can grab it and play with it.
As well as cooing Aria now giggles and shrieks which is really very adorable. The things that make her giggle include Baby TV, mummy blowing raspberries, daddy shouting BOO and being lifted up high.
baby lying on tummy on play mat with arms crossed and head held high
Now that her head control is so good she doesn’t mind tummy time, she quite enjoys lying down with her head up taking everything in.
She is still sleeping through the night, she now goes down at about 7 and wakes up any time after 7, the latest wake up so far was 10:30, but she did go to bed a lot later the night before and obviously had to make up for the lack of sleep! 
She is drinking between four and five 6oz bottles a day, I did up her to 7oz a while back as she was draining the 6oz, but she started leaving loads so I’ve gone back down to 6oz, I’m guessing she was going through a little growth spurt when she was draining the bottles. 
My biggest lesson learnt is to keep my hair tied back. I am loosing enough hair as an after effect of pregnancy, I don’t need Aria pulling even more out!
baby pulling mum's hair


  1. July 9, 2015 / 12:41 pm

    So gorgeous! I am having the exact same problem with my hair falling out and Oscar learning to grab it. I now just have to have it tied back all the time. Oscar is 4 months too so it's lovely to see what other bubba's are getting up to! #WhatMyKidDid

  2. July 9, 2015 / 12:46 pm

    She is so cute! Our Little Miss also loved BabyTV!

  3. July 10, 2015 / 9:28 pm

    Our babies are practically the same age – Finn was born on Feb 25th! She sounds like she is doing so well, and I am a little jealous of the sleeping! We have thee opposite problem with clothes as he seems to have super long arms – he is all limbs in fact.I am looking forward to following your blog now x

  4. July 31, 2015 / 8:37 pm

    Sorry I am so late to comment! She's such a petite little thing, and I put Arlo in his pushchair bit recently too, he's much happier there than lying down!
    Can't wait to see what she's been up to next month, thanks for linking up with #WhatMyKidDid

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