Aria’s Summer Clothing Wishlist

Aria’s Summer Clothing Wishlist
Now that Aria is four months old she is finally fitting into 0-3 months clothing! The problem with her being so small is that the majority of 0-3 month clothing that we have for her is suited for colder weather than what we are currently experiencing, which means that I will have to go on a Summer clothing shopping spree for her.
Esprit baby girl summer clothing wishlist

These are some of my favourite picks from Esprit. You’ll notice that there is a lot of yellow in my list, I am absolutely loving Aria in yellow at the moment, I’ve got a few of Aria’s outfits to post on here and one of them is her wearing a gorgeous lemon playsuit which is just beautiful. 
I don’t think I have any skirts or shorts in Aria’s wardrobe which is why I’ve added a few here, I think she would look so cute in a little denim skirt especially. 
Of course, I had to add an headband in, as you have probably gathered by now I love putting headbands on her. You can buy them so cheaply and they look incredibly cute on, it is also a great way of people being able to easily identify that your baby is a girl. 
We’re not sure if Aria is teething or not, she is displaying all of the signs and has been for a while, but there are no teeth just yet. One of the signs that she is massively displaying is dribbling, a lot, which is why I have included a bib in this wishlist. I think that bibs can ruin how an outfit looks, but unfortunately sometimes they are an essential, I try and look for cute bibs that will compliment an outfit rather than ruin it. 
What colours and style of clothing do you like to see your baby in during the Summer?

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