The Perfect Entrance to your Entertaining Space: Bi-fold Room Dividers

If your home is large enough to house separate rooms for dining, cooking and lounging then dividing up the rooms is likely not an issue.  However, if you have an older style home with massive rooms which get cold, draughty and uncomfortable when it comes to entertaining, room dividers may be on your wish list. Similarly, maybe you live in a beautiful open plan apartment or house that is great for day to day living with the family, but what about when you want to impress your diners?

This is when bi-fold room dividers can come into their own. They have been on interior designers and architect’s plans for a long time and are now becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking to divide up their space in a clever and design-led way.


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So why use bi-fold room dividers?  Let’s take a look at some of the ways they can help to create the perfect entrance to your entertaining space.

Preserve a view
If you have a beautiful view from your main room and install room dividers, how can you be sure that the view will be maintained whilst the much needed division of space is created? Bi-fold dividers do this superbly. Because you have such a large expanse of glass, the vista is totally uninterrupted. Your guests can be in the dining room with the doors drawn across or closed but will still be able to benefit from the light and sense of space created by this clever use of glazing. Whether you are overlooking a wonderful city skyline, woodland and trees, a beautifully tended garden or even a beach scene, nothing will be lost by the segmentation of your indoor space.

Keep the noise at bay
When you entertain at home, you want to be able to hear what your guests are saying to you and hopefully indulge in some riveting and interesting conversation. However, if you have other members of the family next door, possibly playing music or listening to the TV, how do you keep the noise away from your dining visitors? Bi-fold doors dull the noise and act as a sound block without the need to put up a solid wall. You can even keep a quiet eye on the children in the other room whilst making sure that your guests have your full attention. They normally come with single glazing as standard but ask your door supplier if you are considering double or triple glazed options.

Safety as standard
Because all of the glass in bi-fold room dividers is toughened, it is safe enough for even the most active of family areas. If you have pets or children running around, you can be sure that they will be in no danger at any time from accidents relating to the glass doors. When you are getting ready for your party, you don’t need to worry too much if tables, chairs or even Hostess Trolleys get banged into the glass as it is tough enough to withstand minor bumps and knocks.

Fit your space and your décor
Because bi-fold room dividers come in a variety of sizes and finishes, you can choose the construction, colour, style and width to suit your home. Divide your room up with a single door or a whole run of bi-fold doors up to 10ft in length. If you go for the unfinished oak option then you can leave them in their natural state with just a coat of lacquer to protect the wood. Alternatively, you can use a wood stain that will add colour without hiding the woodgrain. Finally, if you want a more traditional and modern look, finish off your wooden door with the same paint to match the other windows and doors in your house, even a shiny gloss finish if that is your style.

Bi-fold room dividers not only look great, they are immensely flexible, adaptable and don’t block out any daylight. Give your room a makeover and get the bi-folds in place.

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