DIY Baby Toy – Tummy Time Sensory Mat

DIY Baby Toy – Tummy Time Sensory Mat
Due to the fact that Aria hates tummy time I am always trying to come up with ideas to keep her entertained during tummy time so that she will enjoy it a little more. The latest attempt has so far been a huge success, I made a very simple sensory mat and Aria loves it. 
Tutorial for DIY tummy time sensory mat for babies

Carry on reading to find out how I made the sensory mat.

baby sensory mat tutorial picture showing the items that you need to make it
You will need :
A laminating pouch, gel (I used baby gel but hair gel would work just as well), glitter, sequins, food colouring, hair straighteners/an iron.
big bowl full of pink glittery gel with purple sequins
I started by sealing three edges of the laminating pouch together with my hair straighteners, leaving an opening at the top so that I could add the ingredients. 
I then added the gel and food colouring to a large bowl, I kept stirring and adding more colour until it was at the colour that I wanted. I then added glitter, again, keep stirring and adding until it is as sparkly as you want. Finish off by adding the sequins, or anything else that you want to add. If adding different items make sure that they aren’t sharp as you don’t want it to pierce the laminate. 
Scoop the mixture into your laminating pouch, squeeze it down to the bottom and seal the top edge with your straighteners.

That is it, it really is that simple.

I have invited my niece down to make one as she loves crafts, when I make it with her I will keep it even more simple by pouring all of the ingredients directly into the laminating pouch, sealing it and then squeezing it to mix them together. For my own I wanted to mix them first so that I could ensure it looked how I wanted it to, when making one with her I would rather minimise the likely mess from her spilling the mixture and who knows what! 
pink glittery baby sensory mat DIY
baby lying on white wooden floor playing with pink glitter diy sensory mat
The next item that I plan on making is a sensory bottle. 
Have you made any DIY toys for your children? If so, what did you make?

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  1. September 1, 2015 / 9:06 pm

    Such a cool idea! Love it 🙂 I bet all three of my children would like this x

  2. September 2, 2015 / 9:55 am

    What a fabulously simple idea! I hope tummy time is happier now xx

  3. September 4, 2015 / 9:06 am

    Great idea. So simple. My girl hated tummy time as well! Something like this would have been great x

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