Christmas Gift Guide : The Kids

Christmas Gift Guide : The Kids
Seven Awesome Gift Ideas for Your Kids this Christmas.

Christmas is on the way and, undoubtedly, you’ll be looking for the perfect gift. Not sure what to choose? If you’re stuck for gifts to buy your kids or a child you know this Christmas, here are seven brilliant ideas that’ll look great under the tree and in a stocking, too!

Craft kit

Kids love to make stuff. That’s why there are hundreds, if not thousands, of craft kits available that can help them create really awesome things. Choose from kits that make crayons, sets that make temporary tattoos or sparkling fashion accessories. Those are just a selection of the many available today.

Probably one of the greatest toys on the market, Lego is not just iconic and fun but educational too. These interconnecting bricks help with fine motor skills and problem solving and will keep kids entertained for hours. Younger children find Lego Duplo, which is bigger and less complicated than other forms of Lego, much easier to use. Older kids will love the newer sets such as Lego Friends and Lego Star Wars.
Personalized stationery
There’s something so cool about having a set of pens and pencils with your name on them. Personalized stationery not only looks good, it makes you feel good too. It’s also highly affordable and makes a nice little stocking filler.
girl sitting on armchair reading frozen book

Books are a terrific gift for any child. Babies and toddlers love board books, which are more robust than their paper counterparts, and feature pop ups and lots of other exciting things, like mirrors that young children will love. For older kids, look out for young adult books that have been highly recommended by friends and professionals and keep them reading as they get older.

Remote controlled toys

Just a few years ago, remote control cars were at the top of just about every child’s Christmas list. Thanks to advances in technology, there are lots of other things that can be controlled remotely. Toys like remote controlled dinosaurs, helicopters, dogs and other animals will teach your child about patience and refine their fine motor skills.
young boy playing with remote control truck

Whether they’re in Kindergarten or Senior Year, all kids will need some kind of backpack to get them through the semester. For older kids, brands like Jansport and Fjallraven Kanken are very popular and super comfortable, while younger children will love Ski Hop backpacks, which look like big friendly animals. The kitty is one is so cute.

Stickers/Wall stickers

Ok, this gift might not make you popular with parents, but if you’re buying a gift for a child you know, or maybe if you’re feeling daring, you can buy some character stickers for your own kids.
These stickers consist of fun, googly eyes, a big wide mouth, and come in lots of different facial expressions, so that anything that your child sticks them to will suddenly seem like it has a life of its own!
In addition, wall stickers, are vinyl stickers that easily attach to the wall and come with minimum fuss. Wall stickers come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to create the bedroom of your child’s dreams.
With such wonderful gifts, your child is sure to have a fantastic Christmas.
Images by Chris Parfitt and Lars Ploughmann, used under Creative Commons license.
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  1. 22nd October 2015 / 10:54 pm

    Personalised pencils and stationery. Brilliant idea, I'm just too last minute to remember to order something like this but yes, kids love them.

  2. 25th October 2015 / 1:33 pm

    I remember getting a set of personalised colouring pencils when I was little and absolutely loving them! Books are a must for kids and adults 😉 x

    Christina Marie –

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