Stop Smoking with iCig

Stop Smoking with iCig
When I found out that I was pregnant with Aria I found it really easy to quit smoking, as soon as I saw the positive pregnancy test that was that. I have always been more of a social smoker than a full time smoker, no alcohol during pregnancy meant that quitting smoking was easy. Almost eight months later and I’m back in the habit, with alcohol comes dirty cigarettes. 
icig electronic cigarette starter kit review

icig white e cigarette starter kit contents
I have absolutely zero will power when I’m drunk which is why I think having a cigarette is a great idea, I need something to stop me doing it and the iCIG is just that. The changeable cartridges come in a variety of flavours and strengths. I opted for the weakest strength but am not finding it strong enough to get rid of the urge, I would recommend starting at the highest strength and working your way down. 
Along with the standard cigarette and menthol flavours there are a variety of sweet flavours, which is great for curbing the sweet cravings when quitting smoking. 
The iCIG is not only a healthier, cleaner alternative to cigarettes it is also a cheaper alternative. Costing just £15.99 for 10 cartomisers, each the equivalent of 20 cigarettes, you’re saving over £6 per cartomiser compared to a packet of 20 cigarettes. 
Have you tried to quit smoking? If so, did you do it alone or with an aid?

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