Giveaway : Slissie – The UK’s First Electronic Slimming Aid

Giveaway : Slissie – The UK’s First Electronic Slimming Aid
I’ve teamed up with Slim Lizzie Ltd, makers of Slissie, the UK’s first electronic slimming aid and habit trainer that helps users cut out snacking and change their eating habits for good.
slissie electronic slimming aid starter pack

slissie electronic slimming aid blue on a bed of lemon and lime


Slissie works by delivering a burst of tasty, appetite suppressing flavour to distract you from snacking. Designed to look like a tube of mascara, Slissie is discrete, portable and easy to use and won’t look out of place in your handbag.
Perfect for avoiding snacking on the go or after dinner sweet treats, Slissie is available with four calorie-free flavours; Original Mint, Fruit, Vanilla and Chocolate.
To use, just press a button to release appetite suppressing flavours and energy-boosting guarana, and suck for tasty, calorie-free flavour.
Slissie can be used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan to help you reach your weight loss goals, or simply to help you avoid snack traps to maintain a healthy diet. The Slissie electronic slimming aid is available to purchase for just £39.99 from Follow Slissie on Facebook ( or Twitter ( for diet and healthy living tips.
To win a Slissie and take control of your eating habits for good, just fill in the rafflecopter form below.

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