Aria’s Nine Month Update

Aria’s Nine Month Update

On 26th November Aria turned nine months old. She is learning, changing and developing so much, she really amazes me. Watching her grow and change just blows me away. I can’t believe that my baby has been outside for as long as she was inside now!

baby today i am nine months old milestone card

On the day that Aria turned nine months the health visitor came to our house to carry out her nine month review. She was happy with Aria’s progress and Aria carried out all of the things that the HV wanted her to. She was weighed and measured and is now 14lbs 14 and 66.5cm, she is still in the second centile for her weight and has moved from the 0.4th centile to the 2nd centile for her height (this is the first time she has been measured since she was one month old).

She hasn’t grown much since the last update and is still wearing 6-9 month clothing, most of it fits her but some of it is still quite big depending on the brand. I’m surprised she hasn’t grown more because she absolutely loves her food and will eat almost anything. She devoured her first roast dinner!

baby eating first roast dinner

Aria still has no teeth and there is no visible sign of any coming through yet, she has had a cough and cold and also red cheeks a few times so maybe we will see a tooth soon as these are all teething symptoms.

We are having a bit of trouble with Aria sleeping now, she has always slept through the night but has started waking quite a few times during the nights now. She will scream and is sometimes inconsolable, but most times she is happy so long as we are holding her, as soon as we put her back in the cot she screams again. We’re not quite sure what could be causing this but have a few suspicions, she often breaks wind when we go in and pick her up so it could just be trapped wind. We have started to give her gripe water with her bedtime bottle, she doesn’t seem to be breaking wind when crying anymore but the crying is still happening. According to The Wonder Weeks app Aria is in the middle of a leap and one of the symptoms of this particular leap is nightmares. This may explain why she just wants us to hold her because she is possibly scared and upset. Thankfully it doesn’t happen every night and she is still a good sleeper overall, when she is up during the night she lies in to make up for it.

Aria still screams when we put her on her tummy, but she is starting to lean over when she is in the sitting position, we don’t think it will be long until she starts crawling now. The health visitor did mention that she is a very flexible baby and flexible babies do tend to be late crawlers. She isn’t flexible to the stage of hyper-mobility which is a relief as Doctors thought I had that a few years ago and research showed me that it isn’t very pleasant, it certainly isn’t something that I would want Aria to have.

Aria now attempts to copy what we say, she waves at herself in the mirror and says ‘hiya’, she also says Bob (this is because he is the naughty cat who I am always shouting at!). I have just posted a very cute video on facebook of her attempting to say both hiya and Bob so check that out here.

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