Baby’s First Christmas : Stocking Fillers

Baby’s First Christmas : Stocking Fillers

I mentioned in my baby’s first Christmas gift guide that we aren’t buying much in the way of main presents for Aria this year, what I have managed to do is spend a small fortune on baby’s first Christmas stocking fillers instead. I didn’t intend to spend as much but I kept finding cute little things that were the perfect size for Aria’s stocking.

baby's first christmas stocking fillers picture of stocking with baby's fist christmas 2015 teddy bear

The stocking itself came from H&M, I bought it from their new Cardiff store on the launch night where they had a special offer of free embroidery on any spend of over £15, obviously I had to take advantage of that offer. It is a large stocking which meant that I had to buy a lot to fill it!

baby girls baby's first christmas stocking fillers flat lay picture of contentsbaby's stocking filler idea nuby santa surprise bundle
Nuby Santa Surprise Bundle – I blogged about this yesterday, Nuby are currently running a promotion where you pick your baby’s age range and they send you a mystery bundle, it costs £15 and you receive at least £20 worth of goods.

Wilkinson baby's first christmas stocking fillers pink my first christmas 2015 bear white chocolate selection box and colourful maraca
I bought these bits from my local Wilko. Aria loves noisy things so I think she will love the maraca, they have a range of safari maracas and the designs are so pretty, the elephant in the tutu was my favourite. I purchased the Milky Bar selection box simply because everyone deserves chocolate at Christmas and at 75p it was such a bargain. The ‘My First Christmas 2015’ bear is such a lovely keepsake, it is available in a range of colours and only costs £3, it looks lovely sticking out of her stocking and I am hoping that this will be something that we will bring out year after year with the Christmas decorations.

pink my first christmas 2015 bear
baby stocking filler gift idea little tikes stacking stars and jingle stick
I bought these Little Tikes Stacker Stars in my local Asda, I’m struggling to find them available on-line in any shops but they had plenty in store so it is worth a look if you like the look of them, I think they were about £6. Aria loves banging the stacking cups together at my mam & dad’s house so I know that she will be happy to have some of these in her own house.

I’ve been hunting down a bell stick for Aria for a while now, I have a Christmas pen that jingles and Aria loves it, but it isn’t really very safe for her to play with so I wanted an alternative. I finally found this one in Hawkin’s Bazaar, at £6 it is a little pricey as there are plenty available on Amazon for around the £1 mark, but those aren’t guaranteed in time for Christmas so I decided to pay the extra to make sure that I had it in time.

skibz floral bibs with pink elephant teether attachment baby stocking filler
Last but by no means least I decided to buy some pretty bibs and a teether. These pretty floral bibs from Skibz are reversible and have a popper that the elephant teether can be attached to, I think Aria will love having the teether attached to the bib as she currently sucks on the tags of the bibs. This was my first time ordering from Skibz and I have been impressed, the delivery was quick and the customer service excellent.

What will you be putting in your little ones stockings this year?

Baby's First Christmas by Leelee Loves


  1. 9th December 2015 / 8:35 am

    I've just written baby g's and it doesn't look as exciting as this!! May have to rethink my meanness 😉

  2. 10th December 2015 / 12:44 pm

    Looks like there will be some fab gifts on christmas day. As soon as read this post that christmas song – 'it's baby's first christmas' immediately came to my mind. Been hearing that a lot on the radio lately x

  3. 10th December 2015 / 9:01 pm

    Wow what a great stocking and filled with such lovely gifts 🙂
    As you know, Lily and Aria are around about the same age so there's tons of fab ideas here, I think I need to get my finger out as I haven't really organised her presents or her stocking yet!
    X X

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