Baby’s First Christmas : What Mummy & Daddy Really Want For Christmas

Baby’s First Christmas : What Mummy & Daddy Really Want For Christmas

I haven’t asked for much this Christmas, as a first time parent I’m far more excited about Aria’s gifts than my own. What I have asked for is all very grown up and practical, such as a new crockery set and money towards a hoover. As first time parents this Christmas there are several things that we really would like but probably won’t get.

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Dear Santa, if Christmas miracles really do happen please can we have :

Two full nights sleep – Aria is a good sleeper and does usually sleep through the night, though lately she has been waking up, sometimes several times, during the nights. It is very tiring and also stressful as it can take a while to settle her. We would really, really like to have a full night sleep on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

A lie in – This is daddy’s request, Aria tends to sleep until around 8:30 – 9am which is late enough for me. Aria’s daddy likes his sleep and really, really wants to be able to sleep in until at least 10am without any disturbances. He probably won’t get this wish on Christmas day as I will be excitedly dragging him out of bed, maybe Boxing Day…

Lazy morning cwtches – I absolutely love when we have a day with nothing to do, Aria wakes up and I bring her into our bed for lazy morning cwtches. It doesn’t happen very often but hopefully over the Christmas holidays we will have a few lazy mornings when this can happen.

A tear free day – Aria doesn’t have temper tantrums very often, but she cries when she is tired. I am worried that on Christmas Day she will try and resist naps as there will be so much going on and as a result get quite teary.

An empty washing basket – Seriously, how do babies get through so many clothes and how do those tiny little clothes fill a washing basket so quickly? If only for one day I would love to see the bottom of the washing basket.

An empty sink/dishwasher – There are always dirty bottles/plates/bowls hanging around in our house. I must do all of the washing up and empty the dishwasher on Christmas Eve so that on Christmas Day I can just put everything in the dishwasher and be done with it.

A baby who feeds herself and not the cats – Aria has learnt that if she throws her food on the floor the cats will eat it, apparently this is the funniest thing EVER and must be repeated throughout the whole entire meal. I really hope that Aria eats the majority of her Christmas dinner herself instead of feeding it to the cats. I may even lock the cat flap while we’re eating dinner so that they can’t disturb us.

To spend all day in the house – This is going to happen this year and I can’t wait. We always have so much on it is very rare that we just spend an entire day lazing around in the house. Granted, I won’t be lazing around as I have Christmas dinner to cook, but, I won’t be leaving the comfort of my own home and I can’t wait.

The perfect Christmas dinner – This is my first time cooking Christmas dinner (with a little a lot of help from my mother), I always said that when I have children of my own I want to start cooking dinner and so this year I am starting it. I am cooking for us, my parents and my sister’s family. I really hope that everything goes to plan. It is just a glorified roast dinner really, how hard can it be?

A day free of arguments/bickering – Since having Aria Spencer and I bicker over every little thing. It would be great if just for one day we could be nice to each other for the entire day.

The children to have a very merry Christmas – Christmas really is all about the children. As well as spending the day with Aria we will also be entertaining my niece and nephew. I really hope that if none of my other wishes are granted at the very least the kids have a magical, fun filled Christmas day.

What do you really want for Christmas this year?

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  1. 21st December 2015 / 2:11 pm

    Your list sounds pretty similar to mine! Especially the empty washing basket but I know it'll never happen!!

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