Review : Nuby Santa Surprise Gift for 0-12 Months

Review : Nuby Santa Surprise Gift for 0-12 Months

When searching for stocking fillers for Aria I stumbled across the Nuby Santa Surprise lucky dip, you pay £15 and are guaranteed to receive at least £20 worth of items from the Nuby range. I love a surprise and a bargain so couldn’t resist buying one, carry on reading to find out what we received in ours and what I thought of it.

nuby santa surprise lucky dip bundle blog review

For £15 Nuby promise to send you a selection of goods from the whole Nuby range with a value of over £20, the only catch is you don’t know what you are going to receive until you receive it. There are two bundles available, one for ages 0-12 months and another for 12 months +.  I was a little torn on which one to order but settled for the younger one as Aria isn’t 12 months until February. I am very tempted to order a 12 month + bundle for her birthday.

I had decided to keep the contents as a surprise for both myself and Spencer, but unfortunately they came in a plain white envelope and the contents were loose inside, I had ordered two bottles that I need now so had to rummage through the contents to get my bottles. It would be a good idea to wrap the bundle up within the envelope so that parents can keep it as a surprise if they so wish.

I have worked out that if I purchased these items individually it would have cost £21.96 so I’ve saved almost £7 by buying the bundle.  I’ll be honest, when I first opened it I was a little disappointed to see two sets of bath toys because we already have so many bath toys, but for £15 I really can’t complain, plus the Groovy Ducks are very cool.

Nuby groovy ducks from santa surprise bundle

Despite my initial disappointment in receiving two sets of bath toys I am really happy with this bundle, for £15 with free P&P it really was a bargain and as I’ve said above I am very tempted to order the next age range too.

The Nuby Santa Surprise Bundle for 0-12 months can be purchased here. Please note that if you do order one of these you may not receive the same contents as I did, this is just an indication of what you could receive.

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