Review : Peripop Foxey Multi Use Baby Blanket

Review : Peripop Foxey Multi Use Baby Blanket

I personally love multi-use items, which is why I was keen to review the Peripop* from Oribel. This beautiful fox blanket has many uses, including storage which is always a winner. The Peripop blankets have a lot going for them, they are cute and practical.

So, why is this cute fox so fantastic I hear you ask? (fantastic Mr Fox, get it?)

First up, the design, isn’t he striking? You can see that a lot of love and thought has gone into making sure that foxey stands out from the crowd. Next up is all of the uses, foxey can be used as a blanket in the house, as a stroller blanket by popping his head over the bar to stop him slipping off, there are built in hand mitts for extra warmth, you can stuff foxey with blankets/bedding/old clothes and use him as a padded play mat or cushion, or just a pretty storage solution.

baby with peripop foxey stuffed blanket

Foxey is bright and bold which means that the kids love him, Aria loves to sit and stare at him, also giving him the occasional kiss or just pulling him over!

practical multi use baby blanket

The quilted design on the blanket means that it is warm and comfortable even without added padding. The foxes hands double up as hand mitts for your baby, though to be honest Aria doesn’t tend to keep her hands in them for long!

fox design baby blanket with built in hand mitts

Foxey would look great on the stroller when out and about, he is a real statement piece, so much so that I am planning on buying a stroller bar so that we can pop his head over the bar to ensure that he stays in place keeping Aria warm and looking good.

The Peripop is suitable from 0 onwards. It is completely machine washable, can be tumbled dried and ironed.

There are a wide variety of Peripop’s available, designs include Lamby, Beary, Tiggy and Pandy and are available to purchase from Oribel here.

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  1. 31st December 2015 / 8:23 pm

    He looks fab! And so practical. I will go have a look at the others on offer but I do love foxey! Oh and Aria is just too cute! x

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