Serious Pig Say No To Crap Meat

Serious Pig Say No To Crap Meat

Serious Pig is a leading crusade to inspire food brands to open up about ingredients. The Peckham-based Charcuterie business has launched a ‘craft, not crap’ campaign to stop brands misleading customers about unhealthy, mass-produced junk food and to get the country snacking on fresh, authentic products.

Serious Pig craft not crap snacks

George Rice of Serious Pig is fed up of brands not being honest with customers about what is in their produce. Some products are knowingly full of MSG and other additives but the companies aren’t being clear about it. In an aim to buckle this trend and get rid of the ‘crap’ Serious Pig are pledging to be fully honest with its customers by adding images, videos, tasting notes and descriptions of two breeds of pig to their website.

serious pic snackingham classic snacking salami classic chilli

Serious Pig are taking transparency of what goes into food to a whole new level by encouraging people to vote via social media for the pig they think would taste best in its next batch of snacks. The winning pig will be used in their Snackingham range* (above) and will create the world’s first crowd-sourced craft meat product. They are hoping that the campaign will educate larger food manufacturers about the benefits of being transparent with customers and give consumers a glimpse into an honest, and open product creation process.

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