An Easter Gift Guide for a Thirteen Month Old – Aria’s Easter Basket

An Easter Gift Guide for a Thirteen Month Old – Aria’s Easter Basket

This year is the first year where Aria will be able to eat chocolate at Easter time, last Easter she was only two months old so chocolate was a no-go. I have however made the decision not to buy her much chocolate, just a small token gesture of chocolate because I couldn’t not buy any. The reason being is my family really wanted to buy her chocolate last year, so I have a feeling that they are going to go chocolate crazy this year! Aria won’t be able to eat it all and I am (kind of!) on a diet so don’t want too much temptation. I’m already eyeing up her egg from nursery.

an easter gift guide for a thirteen month old baby a white basket containing books clothing and a token gesture of white chocolate coins

Easter basket for one year old baby girl containing clothes books and chocolates - alternative to Easter eggs for babies

As mentioned above we didn’t want to go too chocolate crazy, I saw these white chocolate Easter coins in Wilko and decided that they would be the perfect addition to her box. They are individually wrapped which means that we can keep them for ages, just giving her one here and there as a treat, the blue and yellow colours matches the box perfectly (this was a complete coincidence but I am pleased with how it looks together!) and they only cost 50p, bargain.

I wanted to buy a Spring outfit rather than an Easter outfit that would only be worn for one day. I came across the gorgeous bunny top and leggings set in Matalan and instantly knew that it was the one. The colourful yellow flowers and bunny make it the perfect Easter/Spring outfit.

I decided to carry on the bunny theme for the books, opting to buy this super cute Peter Rabbit puppet play book and The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep, I’m not sure if Aria is maybe a little too young for this book at the moment but I have heard a lot of great stuff about it so wanted to buy it while it was on my mind, plus, rabbit!

What have you bought your little ones for Easter? Has Aria’s basket inspired you?

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