Last Minute Easter Bonnet Crafts with a Thirteen Month Old Baby

Last Minute Easter Bonnet Crafts with a Thirteen Month Old Baby

I had no intention of making an Easter Bonnet this year, Aria is only thirteen months old and (obviously) not in school yet so it hadn’t crossed my mind. She goes to private nursery one day a week and it hadn’t even entered my head that they would ask us to make Easter bonnets.

last minute easter bonnet with a thirteen month old - baby on white wooden floor looking up at camera holding craft items ready to make a bonnet

As it was last minute the majority of Easter bonnet craft items had sold out, plus I was limited to what I could buy in my local town, which was pretty much Wilko and The Card Factory. I managed to buy a bunny & chic pom pom set, some pastel pom poms and some Easter felt shapes from Wilko and a Easter Crown set from the Card Factory. I really wanted a bonnet rather than a crown but bought the crowns as a back up, they were only 99p and came with some cute foam decorations that I could use on a bonnet. Thankfully I managed to get hold of a cute pink Easter bonnet from Asda at the weekend. Using these bits I’ve created something, it isn’t the most creative bonnet and certainly isn’t what I would have made if I’d had more time and supplies, but it isn’t bad.

pink Easter bonnet with bunny and chic sitting on top in bed of flowers and grass
I went for the theme of the bunny and chick sitting on top of the hat on a bed of grass and flowers. Unfortunately the green pom poms in the pack were very limited so I didn’t end up with much ‘grass’ and the theme isn’t really very obvious. I then stuck a few other pretty items around the sides.

Pink pastel easter bonnet with pink bunny and chick, flowers, eggs.

This was so easy to make, everything was just stuck together and onto the hat using the sticky back tape that was provided in the packs. I can’t fault the packs that I bought, they came with everything that I needed and it probably would have cost me more to buy all of the individual items and make the shapes myself.

thirteen month old baby with easter bonnet craft packs
I started off allowing Aria to help me, I thought it would be fun. Aria thought it was great fun, especially when she started to pull all of the discarded bits of rubbish out of the bin and hand them to me. I ended up getting all of Aria’s other toys out to distract her and making the bonnet all by myself.

While making this I learned that I HATE sticky back tape and that you should never, ever do any crafts with a thirteen month old. The worse thing about all of this? They wanted the bonnets everyday this week. Aria only goes to nursery on a Friday so isn’t even in this week as it’s good Friday. All this for nothing. I will be taking a trip to nursery tomorrow especially to drop her bonnet off!

Did you make a bonnet this year? How did yours turn out?

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