Travel : Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes, Caerwent

Travel : Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes, Caerwent

A little while ago Sarah of Hills & Daffodils wrote about the beautiful Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes, I was shocked to discover that there was somewhere so pretty on my doorstep and I hadn’t ever heard of it. I had to arrange a visit.

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dewstow house at caerwent wales

The gardens, built around Dewstow House, were buried under tonnes of soil for over 50 years, thankfully they were rediscovered in the year 2000 (anyone else burst into song just then or am I showing my age?).  There is so much to see at Dewstow, there are ponds, underground grottoes, tunnels and sunken ferneries.

waterfall and fountain at dewstow gardens wales
enchanted tunnel at dewstow gardens and grottoes

As well as being just a generally nice place to visit there is always plenty to see and do at Dewstow, they are currently hosting an Easter Trail in which kids can explore the gardens & grottoes and meet the naughty Easter bunny! Back when we visited there was the option to join in with a nature trail, though Aria is a little too young so we didn’t partake.

alligator pit sign at dewstow gardens and grottoes caerwent wales
scenic photo horses graving in field overlooking river on sunny day
ponds and rockeries at dewstow gardens man's face carved into rock

There is so much to see, you probably won’t see it all on your first visit. A fine example of this is the man hiding in amongst these rocks, I did not notice this until I uploaded my photos when I got home!

pretty garden at dewstow gardens with statues and yellow flowers

There is something for everyone at Dewstow, budding photographers can practice to their hearts content, children can have the adventure of their life and adults can just relax and/or explore. If all of this isn’t enough there is also a cafe selling delicious cakes on site.

tea room at dewstow gardens and grottoes

We took the pushchair, and while there were parts that we weren’t able to do, or had to take it in turns to do, there was still plenty to see and do that is easily accessible to pushchairs/wheelchairs.

Have you been to Dewstow Gardens & Grottoes? Did you even know that this place existed?

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