World Book Day : Children’s Bedtime Stories eBook

World Book Day : Children’s Bedtime Stories eBook

I love World Book Day, I love logging onto Facebook in the morning and seeing the endless stream of photos of children in their fancy dress outfits, some creative some not so, but all equally as cute. I don’t want Aria to grow up, but I am very excited to create costumes with her based on her favourite books, because she WILL like books.

children's bedtime stories free ebook guess how much i love you

We’ve pretty much read Aria a bedtime story since day one, it is a great way of getting into a routine early on and I want to encourage her to enjoy books. Our book of choice is Guess How Much I Love You, it is such a simple and cute story, one that I will never tire of.

Welsh firm Adjustable Beds contacted me to let me know that they were putting together a free eBook that would feature the favourite bedtime stories of myself and other bloggers. I was eager to get involved and find out the favourite books of other bloggers and their children.

The eBook is full of inspiration for bedtime reading from some of the top bloggers across the UK, you can downloaded your free copy here.

What is your favourite bedtime book of all time and out of the ones featured in this eBook?


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  1. March 3, 2016 / 1:07 pm

    Such a good choice – it really is the sweetest story! x

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