Guest Post : I Ate My Placenta & I Would Do It Again

Guest Post : I Ate My Placenta & I Would Do It Again

Did you eat your placenta following childbirth? Is it something that you would consider doing? If so, you will most probably really enjoy today’s guest post from Louise. 28 year old Louise has been single since pregnancy due to an abusive relationship. Louise had her placenta encapsulated and made into smoothies, carry on reading to find out why and how.

I ate my placenta and i would do it again - blog post about eating placenta in the form of tablets

I understand that you ate your placenta following childbirth, what was it that made you want to do this?

Initially, I had heard that eating your placenta could combat or prevent PND. This really interested me as I had had depression pre pregnancy and I was also going through a very tough time personally, was a single mother and wondered how I would cope with the lack of sleep, crazy hormones and various other things!

Did you feel that you experienced any of the benefits expected?

I didn’t get PND and felt positive and energised a lot of the time, in itself surprising as I was doing it all alone and was expressing then feeding every 3 hours so sleep was rare! Of course I was emotional at times but considering the situation I was in that is normal. My milk also came in quickly and there was a lot! And I genuinely felt happy!

You didn’t eat your placenta in the traditional way of frying it, how did you consume it?

I contacted a lady through the Placenta Network, who I had read about and liked the sound of. She came into hospital after the birth, collected my placenta and bought back a placenta shake/ smoothie within 24 hours and then a few days later the encapsulated tablets! I had already told the staff at the hospital what I wanted to do with my placenta, filled in a form confirming this and took in a new and clean large Tupperware box for it to be put in. The smoothie was gorgeous, you wouldn’t have known it had placenta in, it was just a delicious, healthy smoothie. The tablets I took 3 times a day for months. I also had a print of my placenta and the cord is dried into a heart.

encapsulated placenta tablets raw dried placenta capsules

Would you do it again?

I absolutely would, I loved doing it. I felt completely supported and my decisions were respected both by the lady who did it for me and the hospital. I felt in control of what was happening and don’t regret it at all. I believe doing this protected me from PND whilst I went through a very difficult time, not just as a new mum and the medical staff specifically told me that by doing this I avoided having to have a blood transfusion and I only needed 2 instead of 3 iron drips after a very traumatic labour and loosing over 4 pints of blood.

umbilical cord dried into a heart shape

Louise has recently set up a facebook group called the Mumma Bears Hub – A group for all Mumma’s to come and have a place for them to say what they want, get advice/ information they need and be YOU. Be the wonderful woman you are, without being judged or abused. ***Respect. Support. Empower.*** Pro choice! You can join The Mumma Bears Hub here, like Louise’s business page here and follow Louise on Twitter here
Thank you Louise for allowing me to share your fascinating story with my readers.

Has Louise’s story changed your view on whether or not you would eat your placenta? I’ll admit it has made me think twice.

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