Review : Freida’s Pantry Super Charged Food Bars

Review : Freida’s Pantry Super Charged Food Bars

As the exhausted mother of a busy one year old I am always looking for energy boosts, I don’t want to go down the route of energy drinks as they really aren’t very good for you, I prefer to find my energy boosts in more natural, healthy sources, such as Freida’s Pantry Super Charged Food Bars*.

blog review of Freida's Pantry Super Charged Food Bars

I love the story behind Freida’s Pantry, the creator, Sharon, suffered a traumatic birth with her youngest son and was only eating around 800 calories per day, under a third of the calories needed by new mums to breastfeed, recover from birth and replenish their energy levels. Sharon received warnings that she may need to stay in hospital for some while and top up breastfeeding with formula, but she knew they were wrong. Her mother bought in homemade supplies of their families traditional post birth recipe and Sharon and her son were discharged within days.

Word of Sharon’s amazing story got out and other mum’s wanted to get their hands on this natural wonder food, which is when Freida’s Pantry was born.

The 100% natural food bar has a truly unique blend of superseeds, nuts and superfoods all recognised for their amazing benefits. The new bars are a fantastic source of vitamins and nutrients, making them not only ideal for new mums but all parents who may be low on sleep and energy!

The Super Charged Food Bar contains a tasty mix of oats, quinoa, almonds, pistachios, flax seed, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, goji berries and a little fennel, mixed together with some treacle to sweeten the taste. I really enjoyed the bars, they fill a hole, taste nice and provide an energy boost. Spencer wasn’t a massive fan but he doesn’t really like anything healthy.

The Super Charged Food Bars are perfect for busy mum’s who either don’t have time to make breakfast or those working mum’s who want to throw a snack into their bag that will help get them through their working day. I tend to have mine when I feel a slump coming on at around 11am and it picks me straight back up.

Unlike most calorific energy boosting foods each Super Charged Food Bar only contains 186 calories.

As well as the Super Charged Food Bars Freida’s Pantry also sell pre-pregnancy energy bars and breastfeeding food bars, all available from

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