Review : Monstrously Healthy Children’s Food From Bear

Review : Monstrously Healthy Children’s Food From Bear

We’re always looking for healthy snacks for Aria, she has three meals a day but some days she just wants more, or needs something to tide her over while she is impatiently waiting for her food to cook. We’re also always looking for ways to sneak fruit and veg into Aria’s diet as she isn’t much of a fan. When we were asked if we would like to trial some healthy snacks from Bear* we couldn’t resist!

Blog Review of Monstrously Healthy Children's Food From Bear - a selection of healthy bear foods including snacks and sweets and cereal

Bear snacks in paw shapes yoyo shape and monster shapes, build your own monster with healthy children's fruit & veg snacks

We were sent a range of foods, with the main focus being on their new pure fruit and veg nibbles, Claws. Claws are 100% fruit and veg mashed into monster shapes, one third of the ingredients is veg with no added nonsense. They are available in four delicious flavours: strawberry & butternut; apple, pear & pumpkin; blackcurrant & beetroot; and mango & carrot. They are lower in natural sugar than a small fresh apple and any other kids fruit snack. Bear only ever pick fruit and veg that is in season, which means that they don’t need to add any sugar, salt, concentrates, or stabilisers.

We also tried Multigrain Alphabites by Bear. These are made with just six ingredients: barley, oats, corn, rice, wheat and coconut nectar. Alphabites are naturally high in calcium and contain no refined sugar or added nonsense. I did try and take a photo of my blog name spelt out with Alphabites but Kitty kept eating them.

black and white cat with moustache eating children's alphabites breakfast cereal

Other products we received were pure fruit Yo Yos and Safari Paws, both of these are pure fruit shapes with no added nonsense.

The Bear range is appealing to children because they look more like sweets than fruit, they come in a range of fun shapes and some of the ranges also come with collectable cards. They are appealing to adults because they are a great way of getting your little ones to eat some fruit and veg, they are in small, snack size pack so great to take out and about, they require no preparation and are lunch box friendly.

So, how did we find the Bear products? I’ll start with a bit of background about Aria’s eating habits. Fruit and veg are usually thrown straight on the floor, I have to dice veg up teeny tiny in things like lasagne or buy her frozen veggie fingers to get her to eat it, fruit has to be served in a bowl of custard before she will eat it, even then she often eats the custard, pulls the fruit back out of her mouth and throws it on the floor. The only veg she will willingly eat is peas, one by one.

She really enjoyed the Alphabites, both eating and playing with them. The first mouthful was spat out as she has always had warm weetabix or porridge for cereal so I guess these with the cold milk was a bit of a shock, once she got over that she thoroughly enjoyed them. Unfortunately the rest of the products weren’t so successful. She enjoyed playing with the fruit shapes and having the odd lick here and there, but eventually they all ended up on the floor.

baby sat in high chair playing with Alphabites cereal putting the hoops on her fingers

Aria throwing them on the floor isn’t because they aren’t nice, I actually really enjoy them and I’ll be honest, I’m not too upset about the fact that I’m now left with a couple of packets that I’ll just have to eat to save them going to waste!

Now, if Bear could just invent chocolate that contains one of your five a day that would be great!

The Bear range is available in all UK supermarkets and many high street stores and cafes. They can also be bought online at Amazon and other places.

Does your child eat fruit and veg? Do they like it or do you have to hide it in other food?

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