What’s on Aria’s Bookshelf April 2016

What’s on Aria’s Bookshelf April 2016

We’ve been reading to Aria since day once, I have always loved reading and hope that she will follow suit, books are a great way to capture imagination and relax as well as to help baby learn and develop. We’ve fallen into a trap of reading the same few books to Aria over and over again, despite having loads of options. To stop this from happening I have pulled all of the books off her bookshelf and will select a few books each month.

Carry on reading to see which four books I’ve selected this month and how we are enjoying them so far.

What's on Aria's bookshelf April 2016 - blog post showing current books being read to 13 month old baby

books on IKEA MOSSLANDA with Lindam owl night light - smile cry the very cold freezing no number day
A Beginner’s Book of Feelings… Smile Cry: Happy or sad, wailing or glad – how do you feel today?*

Recommended for ages three and up Aria isn’t the target age for this book, but that doesn’t stop her enjoying the illustrations and listening to us reading it to her. Aria loves the characters, Piglet, Bunny and Cat. This is a flip over picture book, with the Smile story reading from front to back and the cry story reading from back to front, both meeting in the middle. I love the concept of this book and think that it will be read over and over again in our house, all kids need to know about ‘ate all the pies’ smiles and an ‘ice-cream plopping down cry’ right?

The Very Cold, Freezing, No-Numbers Day*

We love this book! All the numbers have frozen which of course means no birthdays, growing or clocks. You have to work with your child to help defrost the numbers by tracing, blowing and, of course, counting. This is a really great, fun book that helps teach children numbers, colours, seasons and patterns – another book that will be bought out often.

books on iKEA MOSSLANDA with lindam owl night light - ABC hide and seek alphabet book and Peter Rabbit touch and feel playbook
A Hide-and-Seek Alphabet Book ABC

One of my friends bought Aria this book for her birthday and we love it. The book is full of stunning, bright illustrations which Aria really likes. There are fun rhymes for every letter along with fun activities. There is so much to see on every page, we only tend to look at a few pages at a time as it really is jam packed!

Peter Rabbit Touch and Feel Playbook

This is Aria’s ultimate favourite book and has been for quite a while. She loves to feel the different textures and discover the hidden items, her particular favourite is the square that lifts up to reveal a hidden mirror, she always says ‘hiya’ when she opens that one! This book will likely always stay on the bookshelf, or at least close by as when she is upset this never fails to calm her down.

What are your little ones favourite books? Do you have any of these?

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